Feb 25, 2007

10 Things About Our Homeschooling

10. We have been 'at it' for 11 years now!
(truly I am amazed! Jaw hanging open!)

9. The name of our school is , "Growing Along Together."
(Early on we were told to give our homeschool a name, as getting discounts at bookstores and such would be easier and when asked, the kids would have a name for their school. Though I think it was really prophetic to our family in general! As we started with one student-and told by the dear doctors that we had what they called secondary infertility. Certainly we have grown...now to 6 students and counting, thanks to God and our journey of adoptions )

8. I still don't know what kind of homeschooler I am...
I like Charlotte Mason ...unit studies...lots of books...I love library book sales... the library...nature....anything God is showing us is wonderful! Years ago my Pastor's wife told me we are all creative, as we are made in the image of a creative God. Think I like the creativity the most!
7. Two of my children love ABEKA ...
I am not an abeka lover, not sure where they found this love?? They probably would say they don't love them-a fond liking, perhaps?

6. We made a paper mache horse one year as we studied horses...
truly looked like a pony,poor thing couldn't stand... we buried it in our next unit, which was an Native American unit study. We mummified a Barbie too (I really dislike Barbie-that is another subject though!)

5. I have a preschooler now and a High schooler...
plus another preschooler, one in public kindergarten (due to her pending adoption, not allowed to homeschool them until they are adopted ;-( , a third grader, a seventh grader and a 10th grader! (the 2 preschoolers and Kindergartener are a sibling group that we will be adopting in the next few weeks through foster care....read our first blog posting for more details!)

4. I love to read the kids living books...
(books that come to life as you read them,you know the really good ones!)

3. We keep drawing journals of our different subjects that I read aloud to them...
Our youngest three aren't drawing or writing along with us yet, next year they will have notebooks too! The 4 year old who came in August not knowing a letter, as of January is reading, YAHOO! God is amazing!

2. I have always known we were in it for the long haul...
(my husband was originally okay with us homeschooling until maybe the 4rth grade...as fourth grade arrived for our oldest, God changed his heart to... graduation)

1. I went to college to become a teacher...
(little did I know that when God put "teach" in my heart that I didn't need to go to college, as he meant homeschool!)


Stacy said...

Posted by Anonymous (IP Not Logged)

What a great list! And so much of this I didn't know! I'm so glad you're blogging!



Rae-Rae said...

Posted by Rae Rae (IP Not Logged)
I can picture Bunter....all 110lbs of him! Glad to hear you all enjoyed your snow day!


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