Feb 28, 2007

..and find out what pleases the Lord.

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And find out what pleases the Lord.

I rejoice greatly that I don't have to walk alone, that as a born-again believer I can walk being Spirit led. It brings a peace that is indescribable, to which I am so thankful. Becoming Spirit led is a 'process', it is a submitting continually into the hands of God, a never ending process in this life we are given.

I begin each day thanking God for another day and asking Him for opportunities to bring him glory. I have been praying also for increase, more opportunities to be able to share my knowledge and love for him.

I want to know what pleases him, more than I already know. What pleases him in general, but what pleases him right now in my life. I guess that requires hearing him whisper, having a super sensitivity to his voice and his leading. I believe he speaks and that we can hear him-whether audibly or the audible inaudible voice within. I also believe that because 'I believe' and have faith, that I will hear him.

I am but a leaky vessel, continually it is my confession to God. Certainly we all should be 'leakers'-but I guess my prayer is that so often what I spend time putting in, doesn't come out when I need it, but has leaked out due to lack of care. I want to be a, 'careful leaker' I guess. I want to leak at the right time, knowing full well that my vessel continually needs filling. Filling can only happen by me intentionally choosing to be filled, where is my time going, how am I using the time He has given me? What am I being filled with ? Stuff of this world? I am not of this world, I am from a different Kingdom and my leaking should be evident to that.

I am keeping a journal and writing down what I feel I am learning from the Lord and what he is currently speaking to me. Somedays I do a lot of writing, somedays I just ponder what he has already spoken to me. Always I am waiting and listening for Him. Listening, I am learning, is not an inactive thing, but one that takes effort. I looked up effort and this is what I found;
EF'FORT, n. [L. fortis. See Force.] A straining; an exertion of strength; endeavor; strenuous exertion to accomplish an object; applicable to physical or intellectual power.
(Noah Webster 1828 dictionary)
I long to hear his voice clearly, to have eyes that can see him, to have a heart that is tender to his calling, feet that are ready to go where he sends me, arms that are willing to do his work, the mind of Christ, and a constant willingness to do his will~whether convenient or not, for the moment or for the long haul.

I think I am obedient and willing, sometimes probably more so than others. I want to always be willing and obedient, as this, is the life that God will chose to use for his purposes and plans. I want to do all he destined me for-not missing anything because I chose what pleased, 'Kimmie' instead of Him.

As I seek him, I find Him, as I pursue him, He leads me. As He leads me, He fills me with his desires and His perfect peace.

Generally I am peace-filled, sometimes I take my eyes and heart off of him and I become clouded with my own agenda, my own desires. I become less peaceful, more selfish, less hungry for Him or his desires. It is a daily battle, a spirtual battle, but one I will valiantly fight for as long as I have breath.

The devil wants to offer me his ways, his plans and his agenda. He wants me to not be filled with peace or to seek after the heart of the Father for my life. Luckily, as I follow Jesus, I am getting wiser and wiser to the devils sneaky, conniving schemes. I am getting quicker at identifying the 'source', growing in wisdom and discernment as I cling to the vine.

As I follow and the Holy Spirit leads me, I am in turn able to lead my little ones. I desire that they would know his voice, that they would choose daily to follow him and love him with all their hearts. I believe and trust that they will, because you live what you know. We live what we see and experience, applying God's truth is essential for our increase and our spiritual growth.
Psalm 115:14
May the LORD give you increase more and more,
You and your children.

I personally am counting on it! How about you?


Stacy said...

Posted by Anonymous (IP Not Logged)
This is one of the reasons I love you so... your faith and desire to walk in the Spirit is so evident and deep!

I thank God for you, Kimmie

Christin said...

"What am I being filled with? stuff of this world?"

I love that. It's all too easy to just fill up on whatever's on the table, so to speak. And without any consideration as to the value (or lack thereof) in it.

...so this post is a few months old. Have you seen a difference in your "leaking"? *laughing...that's so great!*

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