Feb 22, 2007

*Proud Face*

When my oldest was little she used to do the funniest face when she was proud, we called it the, "Proud Face."

Okay, let me walk you through it, as the picture end of this entry is still sadly lacking. First you squint your eyes (really tight!), next you force the biggest smile you can muster (go at it with all you got!), now last but not least, stick out that chin and let the world know that 'you've got it!' My husband and I used to roll on the floor when Bella would make this face. She would do it when she accomplished something, like 'look I drew a circle', or 'hey ,I can run really fast if I lick my feet.' ;-) She was really little when this 'face' immerged, but it was one that stuck around for quite awhile.
It was so sweet and so totally Bella-I think everyone that knew us, knew *Proud Face.*

I have to admit today I was playing with technical stuff on my blog. I was editing the template, now if you can imagine I have absolutely (I do mean absolutely NO clue, like I have more experience training chimpanzee's sign language)- I just kind of scrolled through, took a good solid look and began cutting and pasting this and that, continuing to check to see how it looked on the actual page. Now a lot of it did nothing, but somehow I managed to add Categories and then subtitles under it -*Proud Face*! Mind you I don't know how to connect it all together -YET ;-) , but it is so close I can taste it!

I must say I did pray and asked God to help me see and understand what needed to go where, as I was in need of much help, of which He knew (smile). It was a fun time-my children were all taking naps, my oldest at a party celebrating her recent trip to Ireland, to compete in an international competition for Irish Step-and me sitting here with a quiet home and a few minutes to press into this blogging stuff.

My husband brought Bella back from the party and I had the biggest grin on my face, funny how they didn't recognize *Proud Face*, but I just had to show them what I did and share in my joy. I never had any joy before from typing '>%< ' or such, sometimes life is full of surprises. Guess we miss a lot of those moments of joy because of our natural tendency to hurry through the day, getting from point a to point x, y or z. Thank you Father for the lessons. Thanks for letting me experience a few moments of joy bubbling up and trickling over!
2 Cor. 7:16
I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all [things].


Jenny said...

Posted by HandsRaisedToHeaven (IP Not Logged)
Welcome to the blogging world, it's fun, isn't it??

Thanks for sharing about your family and your adoption. I think we have many things in common. Definitely the road hasn't been easy, but I know my faith would not be strong without the trials that God has allowed us to walk through. I'm thankful that He is leading the way.

I love hearing about adoption stories! God is so interesting, just when we think we're to be going in one direction He graciously leads us in another. When will the adoption be complete of your three little ones? What a day of rejoicing that will be. I will pray for you all. And then off to Guatemala, exciting. I recently had a friend who adopted the cutest little boy from there.

Thanks for visiting my blog, praying for our Talitha, and for your precious words of encouragement.

Is that ok that I add you to my friends list? I would love to check back and see how things are going.

Blessings, Jenny

Kimmie said...
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Heidi said...

Posted by ReviewsbyHeidi (IP Not Logged)
I linked to your blog from Jenny's blog (hands raised to heaven)~ I noticed that you mentioned adoption~ so I had to pop on over and meet you!
I enjoyed reading your family's story~ wow! I love hearing the many ways that God adds to our families. We have one bio daughter (13) and 2 adopted children from Vietnam~ I just returned home with the baby in December.
I'm passionate about adoption and just wanted to come introduce myself. Stop by my blog sometime!

Sarah said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

Posted by Sarah (IP Not Logged)
How fun that you have a blog now!! It took me a while to get the hang of all the techie things you can do in the blog world…..but it’s lots of fun!


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