Mar 8, 2007

10 Funny Things Around our House

10. We have a cat who thinks she is a dog, we think- as she retrieves stuff when you throw it.

9. Whenever we are running out of something my 4 year old son says, " Oh no we're 'wasting out' of..."

8. Last summer we had a large pet toad for a month that lived in my living room (in his own fine housing, not under my couch or anything)!

7. I honestly don't think 6 childen is a big family!

6. My 1 year old golden retriever plays this game we call, (with a British Accent), 'Spot and Jump." Silly, Silly, Bunter puts his nose flat on our living room carpet, smells with great concentration for several seconds and then pounces (with all 110 lbs of him) on the offensive smell. He looks like a leaping bucking bronco with his huge fuzzy, furry paws.

5. My oldest daughter and her best friend have vowed to someday have a dual ceremony, when they marry their pirate husbands.

4. We constantly talk about having good manners and eating like a, " Lady or a Gentleman," in case the Queen Mum decides to pop over for a visit. (We're ready baby!)

3. My kids can't wait for spring so they can hold worms again.

2. Every year at the end of the 'growing season' I vow to never garden again, (due to the amount of time and hard work it takes to keep it all up) and by January here in New England I am dreaming of which plants and seeds I can buy and try this year. LOL

1. I name all my vehicles (Katrinka the Tank is my current relationship...Anna is having an engine overhaul and should be back soon,sigh!)'s a relationship after all-the amount of time I spend driving everyone !


Stacy said...

I just love you so much, Kimmie! :) What a treasure you are, and I am so pleased with the Lord that He saw fit to bring you into my life!!!

Now I just want to know what you're dreaming of for your vegetable garden!?


Jenny said...

Posted by HandsRaisedToHeaven (IP Not Logged)
I'm with you on the whole garden thing. I have never had a very successful garden, but when spring comes (or winter is still sticking around), I can't wait to get out and prepare the garden and watch everything spring to life. I even have a list, right now, of what I want to plant on my fridge.

Last year, we had such a hard time with the rabbits. They ate everything. It became a game for my boys. Everytime they saw a rabbit in our yard or near the garden, they run outside screaming trying to chase it away!! I'm sure our neighbors thought they were nuts. This year we will be putting up a fence to protect all those yummy veggies. :)


Sarah said...

Posted by Sarah (IP Not Logged)
I love reading children's funnies!! I got a good laugh from your post!!

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