Mar 20, 2007

Guess what we saw!

This morning as we were home schooling-King Bonkie (3) yelled out, " Hey look at that cat outside!"

We all ran to the window and watched as this animal- it wasn't a cat-ran over our stone wall and across our front yard, disappearing behind our neighbors woods. It leapt through the snow, it didn't walk, actually it was more of a humping, jumping type of a motion. It had brownish blackish fur, but wasn't a raccoon, the tail was wrong for a coon. It held its firm tail up as it leapt, hmm wonder what it could be?!

My eldest jumped on the computer and we all agreed it must have been an American Mink.

Oh, how I love our new home! So many surprises! The day we moved in we were welcomed by a big fat raccoon in our backyard, though we haven't seen him since.
A few months back we had turkeys race across the front yard, then we had a cute red fox also jump the stone wall.

Makes me wonder if all the animals aren't in a competition to see how they can jump our stone wall in our front yard, I am sure they are meeting in the wee hours of the morning , trying to decide who's day it is today.

We have lovely windows in the study (our school room), so usually someone sees , "the action' in the front of the house. Lately we have been hoping to see bluebirds in the bluebird box we put up, only sparrows so far! (they won't take no for an answer either, I keep taking their nests out and telling them to scram! ) Sparrows are a major reason why the bluebird population has decreased so greatly, well that and people. I keep praying for a blue bird!

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