Mar 10, 2007

Saturday's Funny Saying

Papa was teasing 'King Meemer', (our 4 year olds 'nickname', when he first came in August he didn't know any one day we were reading and I asked him if he knew what animal it was...he replied very firmly, "Yes Mama, it is a Meemer." (an elephant if you didn't know!) So my oldest (King Bob: King of the Wiflesnorfs...yes my oldest is a girl...but she is King over the Wiflesnorfs...another story)- said to him , "Really?" To which he replied, "Yes I am King Meemer!" (so we figure he rules the Meemer-oh-shins and have just left it at that!)
But back to his father teasing him today...

They were doing some kind of "guy" stuff and King Meemer wasn't really putting his full attention to the my Knight in Shining Armour said, "Oh you are being a "girlie" man King Meemer." To which King Meemer replied, "Don't say that Papa, you know I am a boil-ee (boyly) man!"

(picture from summer 2006 when our triplets first came to our house...back then King Meemer was still in diapers, glad that is in our past! ;-) and now we are reading too! God is good!)
I have to add that King Bonkey (this is my 3 year old son who thought Monkeys were 'bonkeys' his brother was a King, he said he would like us to call him, "King Bonkey!" You should have seen his smile! )

Today I also let the triplets draw with magic markers for the first time, yes I am feeling rather crazy today ;-) So, King Bonkey colored a page and brought it to me. I asked, " Do you want to color some more?"

King Bonkey," No tink-oo (thank you), I am full."

(picture from when 'King Bonkey' came to visit us over the summer (july 2006), while we waited for our state's foster care to get us relicensed to adopt them ! As you can see he was full in this picture too, but this time from yummy chocolate pudding and not from magic markers!)

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