Mar 30, 2007

A special blessing.....surprise flowers!

How blessed we are to have such a thoughtful Pastor (actually we have 4 thoughtful Pastors!) that they would take the time to send us a beautiful bouquet of flowers in celebration of our 3 new additions! Just wanted to share the bouquet and let you all enjoy it and rejoice once again with us!

Ain't God wonderful!

ps- thanks Michelle, I am sure you made it extra special for us! We love it and will enjoy the thoughtfulness and time that went into our blessing.

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Cindy said...

Posted by StillHisGirl (IP Not Logged)
Hi Kimmie! Hope everyone is still flying high with excitement over your big week! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my post. Most of my friends have younger children, so I am doing this on my own! My husband is also a nut and I keep wondering if him joking about it would make it better or worse! Not sure I'm ready for all this!!! So glad to have found YOU! :)

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