Mar 21, 2007

This mornings visitor

After we got Princess Marna, our 5 year old on the school bus (see why back in our first entry)-Papa came back to say good-bye to the rest of us, before he headed out to his office. As he hugged and kissed us, he looked out the window to see what Hunter was staring at. Gingerly hopping across the front yard was an Eastern cottontail rabbit, who we feed throughout the year. (I have a soft spot for bunnies, since I mothered several litters-dropper feeding them through the night and releasing them when they were big and strong!) We have affectionately named this one, "Bun-Bun." Bun-Bun lives under the dollhouse Papa and Grampie M &M made for our oldest daughter-which we brought to our new home on a flatbed truck owned by the same Grampie that built it!

How sweet to see little Bun-Bun hopping across the snowy front yard to get to the apples and carrots we put out for him yesterday. I was so proud of Bunter, he didn't even bark or whine, probably more that Papa was standing there, his behavior is so much more refined under Papa's watchful eye. Although Bunter did smudge up the front window pretty good with his big wet doggie nose, looks like it is in need of some windex again.

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