Mar 18, 2007

What Would You Do With 1 Million Dollars (or more!)

1. Tithe to the Lord (first!)

2. Ask God how He would have us use it..assuming He would want to direct us, we will leave #9 blank

3. (now this all depends on His answer ;-)....*#3-10 will happen only if God doesn't tell me something else to do with the money!)
.... Pay off our debt

4. Put an addition on our home-more space, to adopt * you need more bedrooms to have more children! (only 4 kids to a bedroom in our state, if you are adopting!) Honestly, now with 3 kids in each room, there is little space for dressers and such.

5. Adopt as many children as God would send...Lord we will do an orphanage if you say yes!

6. Bless our parents

7. Bless our Pastor/church with a love offering

8. Seed some of it into an orphanage ministry

9. Buy a BIG retreat house on a lake (in Vermont ?), for family and friends

10. Take my Knight in Shining Armour to Italy (his dream)

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DeusPrimus said...

Posted by DeusPrimus (IP Not Logged)

It sounds like you have some good plans for any large amounts of wealth that may come your way.

I am the oldest biological (we are affectionately known as bios in the adoption world) of a family that adopted six kids. Adoption is a challenge; God most certainly uses it to make you stronger person, and a more devoted to Him. Looking back over the last 3+ years, I would say that it is a short term hardship, with long term blessings.

Here's praying that you get your millions!

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