Apr 19, 2007

Just to funny!

Women should not have children after 35; thirty-five children are enough. - anonymous

Or maybe not!

Kimmie ~with the heart of the mother of many...living in a world that doesn't understand I think a family is as many as God will send. I am a blessed woman with secondary infertility who now gets the priveledge of raising 6 children for Him.

We are babysitting for another foster care family...conversation this afternoon at my house

King Meemer (4 and recently adopted by us)-Do we have to give this baby back to her mother soon? (he meant the baby's foster mom)

Me- Yes, the baby is only staying until Monday.

King Meemer- Well, I am going to be angry!

(Only God could send me such a son-his younger brother King Bonkie (3) has done nothing but Kiss the baby and ask when we can have a baby too.)

....waiting on God's timing, crying out for Him to make a way for our baby to come to us quickly...wherever our baby may be.

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