Apr 1, 2007

The kiss from the prince

My afternoon was shadowed by my wee son vomiting. He calls to me from upstairs that his stomach hurt and that he just threw up. A tender moment, when his pain was real he called to me, a few months back he would have called his sister, all of 5, who would have cared for him in her 5 year old ability.

There I stood, cleaning up after him and asking him if he was okay. He said he was, but opted out later for dinner.

Several hours later I sat on the couch, my stomach hurting. He came up to me and slipped his head on my chest. He kissed my cheek and asked me if I was okay. He slipped his tiny hand in my shirt, trying to reach my tummy. He offered his 3 year old comfort. He left briefly and when he came back, he stopped and leaned and touched my barefoot...he looked up into my eyes and then leaned in again and kissed the top of my foot.

Only God could have sent me such a prince-my heart is full, though my tummy still hurts.

(I'll leave the part out about my new 5 year old daughter watching her baby brother ,then coming and licking my big toe...ehww! ) (which she though was the cleverest thing!) She must be related to my husband-they are SOOOO alike!

The funny part is that I am not a "feet" person-ask my sister in law who tries to get me to go with her for a pedicure....just the thought creeps me right out!
Not sure what it was about, but I think it was their way of saying I love you!


Stacy said...

Oh, sweet Kimmie...
what a delight to read about your sweet prince! :)
loving you, my friend!


Cindy said...

Posted by StillHisGirl
I love the kissing of your feet. :)

I read the post below this one and my heart hurts for you. I had about three years where I longed for a baby and mourned that I couldn't have any more of my own. I understand the ache to some degree. And I have to constantly go back to the knowledge that God has a plan for me, and his plans are perfect, even if I don't understand them. I prayed for the longing to be taken away because it was just so hard. It has definitely become easier, and I don't get the lump in my throat anymore when I find out someone is pregnant. So now I'm working in the church nursery and babysitting an 8 week old two days a week, and getting to hold babies. I'm thankful I was able to have any of my own-- I know so many people can't and I can't imagine that pain. Praying for you...

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