Apr 16, 2007

Monday's doings

♦up early to put an expander in my dd (12) mouth, in prep for braces (Dr. cancelled due to no electricity, try again early tomorrow morning!)

* should have prayed for straight teeth when we were praying for our "to-be-adopted" children! (hindsight is 20/20!)

♦homeschool-5 of the 6 children ( the 3 year old wants nothing to do with school, besides being read to)

♦lapbook on worms (dd ages 8 and 12)

♦made two batches of soap in the barn

♦took some soap that needed to be rebatched and made some much needed laundry soap (added bergamot essential oil-heaven!)

♦cooked a double batch of pudding for dessert

♦cleaned the pantry closet

♦had (dd 16) clean the junk drawer in the kitchen

♦lectured two of my dd's (who shall remain nameless) on the importance of "obeying your parents in the Lord" when it comes to completing their school lessons.

♦talked with my mom for a bit- she lost power and we prayed for her freezer full of food!

♦made a date with an old friend to get together Friday morning- she hasn't seen our house yet- so she is coming over with her 17 month old daughter.

♦prayed on and off all day for a dear friend who is struggling with her health, presently she isn't able to walk.

♦fed kids candy out of drawers and the pantry (good mama right?)


Anonymous said...

Posted by eclecticeducation
Sounds like a busy day! :)

Stacy said...

Posted by Anonymous
Kimmie, I loved hearing about your doings... :)
Sounds like a wonderful day! And the soap?!?!? Ah... you continue to inspire me. Someday I am GONNA DO IT!
Love to you and yours,

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