Apr 9, 2007

Not Quite a Baker's Dozen

The week before Easter we took a morning off of our traditional school to do some baking. I spent time first with my 2nd daughter making french bread, then with my 3rd daughter, we made a multigrain bread, then with my two bread loving sons we created a oatmeal honey raison bread.

The kitchen got a little floury, but we ended up with three delicious loaves of bread. YUM!

I did teach them with a measuring cup- though I told them that isn't how I normally do it. I explained that I just eye it and that bread dough, in particular, is very forgiving. After we mixed it all up in our bowl and got a good size ball out of our mixture. I plopped it down on to our floured counter and showed them how to knead it. They loved the kneading, though this is the hardest part of making bread dough from scratch, as your forearms get tired.

The "chant" for the girls was...'push, turn (clockwise), Come to Mama, push, turn, Come to Mama!' (this is where we pulled the top portion in to push it into the center of the dough wad.)

The chant for the boys was...'push, turn, 'come to Papa!' , repeat for about 10 minutes until your dough feels soft and bounces back...like a wee baby's bottom! You can imagine the giggles that arose from our kneading session.

We needed a shirt change when we were finished...but what fun we had!

'Come to Papa!'

I think even Kings and Princess' should learn how to bake an authentic homemade loaf of bread! Right?

Princess Sunshine eating her multigrain bread the next day for lunch. I think we are hoping to get in some more baking time before the weather gets to nice here...soon it will be time for the royal family to learn how to pull weeds in their mama's royal gardens! (The bread will taste extra yummy after an afternoon of weeding and mulching)


Anonymous said...

Posted by StillHisGirl
So cute! We did some of our own baking and kneading this weekend but I didn't make it nearly as fun as you did! I love the chant. :)

Pirate Will(amena) said...

Posted by Will(amina)
Oh, they are so cute, to bad there's no bible study this week. I'm gonna miss little Meemer! Hey, tell Jacky Rogue to sraighten up and fly right, 'cause i'm not sure how long i can go without emailing her! see ya'll soon

Stacy said...

Posted by Anonymous
Can I pleeeease come over and hug your precious children? They are so dear, Kimmie!!!


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