Apr 3, 2007

The race

trecho {trekh'-o}

TDNT Reference Root Word
TDNT - 8:226,1189 apparently a primary verb (properly, threcho, cf 2359), which uses dremo {drem'-o} (the base of 1408) as alternate in certain tenses
Part of Speech
Outline of Biblical Usage
1) to run

a) of persons in haste

b) of those who run in a race course

2) metaph.

a) of doctrine rapidly propagated

b) by a metaphor taken from runners in a race, to exert one's self, strive hard

c) to spend one's strength in performing or attaining something

d) word occurs in Greek writings denoting to incur extreme peril, which it requires the exertion of all one's effort to overcome

I love words- there is great joy for me to see the meaning of a word and thus be able to apply it to my life.

My Knight and I are definitely running a race, to be honest, we have been running pretty much non-stop for the past 11 years. Perhaps before that we began to set the course, perhaps we walked out the course, gingerly enjoying the scenery around us. However, when we began our adoption of 'Princess Sparky' (our Hungarian beauty) (12) our pace picked up and since then our life truly has been at "run" pace.

I enjoy the "run", when I lived in my previous house I started running (funny, that is when our first adoption started). When I ran I prayed, I longed to find time to run-as I ran I spoke to my Father, many times he spoke to me. It was very intimate, something I began to crave. As I ran I began to 'plot' how I could make my run longer, how I could add to my time of prayer. I began to rack up the miles each week- the same is true in my spiritual run as a believer.

I love the "go" of the race-I love it when you get into the rhythm of the run-it becomes poetry. But first you have to work past the cramps, the pain, the urge to quit and stop the run. It requires determination mentally and physically, also true of our lives as believers.

Presently we are 'plotting" our race's course- we have BIG decisions to make in regards to our current adoption. I am living so my life is in rhythm with my Maker, the Holy Spirit guides me on the path, as I align my will (by surrender) to His. The race is heavily blanketed with prayer as we set our eyes on following our leader the Holy Spirit, who fearlessly goes before us, marking the Way! How exciting to set pace with God's perfect and pleasing will (it's like running and seeing the most beautiful sights as you glide past, enjoying them as they pass before your eyes anew-never knowing what grand exchange will occur at your next turn in the road).

May He receive the glory!


Stacy said...

Add another blanket to the heap of prayer! I have been praying, too, for this adoption and God's clear guidance to you and Bruce!


Cindy said...

That is beautiful, Kimmie. I love the picture you create. I hope you'll share more of where the Lord leads you on this current adoption possibility.

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