May 14, 2007

Heaven comes to earth

I am so excited-look at all the great perennials I got at the local plant club sale early Saturday morning!

Originally I thought this laundry basket would hold all my "to be bought" plants...guess I have a plant addiction...thanks mom ;-)

Just bursting with joy! Can't wait to get them all placed in their new home!


tonia said...

lovely...i adore new plants. :)

Cindy said...

Oh how I wish I could take you up on your offer... more so I could have your company than your plants. ;)

Stacy said...

Beautiful, Kimmie! :)

And YES!!! I want to pack up a bundle and get away with you! All of your ideas sounded lovely (talking, hugging, sipping something yummy, shopping, sharing, praying....) Can I just add EATING? ;)


Sue said...

OH, a girl after my own heart!!!

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