May 29, 2007

Homestudy this afternoon

This afternoon we have our homestudy- actually it is an update to one we had done the last time we were getting ready to go to Guatemala (for our adoption). A few things need to be changed and I am hoping it will be quick.

We would covet prayer for our "paperwork stage", that it all goes smoothly and quickly-and that we can get everything notarized with out a hitch (notary expiration date needs to be at least one year from when we submit our papers).

Also need to work on a letter to the birth mother, this is the first time out of 5 adoptions that we have had to do one. I am finding it difficult, as it is supposed to be one page in length, what do you say to a woman who is giving you her child in one page? I'd appreciate prayer that our words would bring comfort and peace and would point to our magnificent God.

We are again believing God for our finances...whether we get one baby girl or a sibling group...he is our provision.

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! We snuck up to our family cabin for a getaway. (will post pictures tomorrow-very rustic, but we love it!) So nice to have family time ;-) Need to go make my house spotless...LOL!



ConservaChick said...

You have my prayers. Writing a letter to the birth mother must be heart wrenching.
I hope you had a great weekend getaway!
PS. LOVED the hats. The picture with the dog... FANTASTIC!

Lovella said...

I'll pray that all the paper work and the home study goes well. Having just watched my niece go through all this my admiration to you is great. They also wrote a letter to the birth mother.
I can't wait to see your new pictures.

Cindy said...

"Knowing" you like I do, I am sure your letter to the birthmom will be a gift to her. Praying for you.

Stacy said...

How'd it go?

I've been praying for you re: your birthmother letter! Write from your heart. He will give you the words!

julie said...

kimmie, we will pray for this! as for the birth mom letter, just write from your heart. i am sure you words will be blessed and will be annointed. i was able to meet our little guys mom (he is now 7) when he was 3 years old. she had been clean and sober for about a year by then. she was so grateful to see alex and to meet us. she was a humbled and genuine lady. years of substance abuse had ravaged her. we forged a very special relationship for 6 months before she died of complications of years and years of drug and alcohol abuse. we had no idea we would lose her so soon after meeting her. i treasure the memories of her and some photos i have of her with us. she said that every day she would pray that she could just see alex one more time in her life. God not only answered that prayer for her, but she surrendered her life to Him 3 weeks before she died. God is good. whatever Jesus places on your heart for this young mother will be the "right" words. God bless you kimmie and your family as you get ready to welcome some little ones in your already loving and sweet home. i am so blessed to keep up with your stories. love, julie

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