May 8, 2007

Our Nativity Carousel

Last week while my oldest was at worship practice (she plays piano). I ventured out and hit my favorite store-a Goodwill store.

Over Christmas I was visiting at my girlfriend Susan's house and she had hers displayed on their kitchen table. I thought it was so cool- I went home and tried to find one on ebay. As it was Christmas time-they were pretty pricey. I told God I would like one-for the kids to enjoy and to add to our traditions of celebrating our Savior's birth. Well, now it is May and as I am poking around, waiting for my daughter's practice to finish, I came across a Christmas Nativity! It was marked $5 so it was irresistable -I picked up the pieces (the propellor on top was scattered on the floor in various places and the candleholders also were scattered.) I pondered this purchase, as the pieces kept falling out and I began to wonder if it was just another thing destined for the garbage. I talked to the manager about how I had wanted one of these, but couldn't afford it Christmas time. He smiled and said he had been picking up the pieces since it arrived, I told him my husband would glue it and that my newly adopted children would love it. (which created another conversation!) ;-)

After the big GLUE job- we gathered candles and took our first voyage with our nativity. The boys eyes lit up as the angels rotated with their trumpets, the shepherds seemed to run to Bethlehem and Mary and Joseph (with the wisemen and the one very red camel) worshipped the birth of Jesus our beloved Savior!

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