May 23, 2007

Sewing project...a 'people bag'

I came across these vintage tab top curtains at my favorite thrift shop a few weeks back. Also some nice canvas fabric to make a lining and a free gingham piece of fabric that the nice lady who works there threw in for free (love that!), that I used for the straps. I had to reform the they only had pom-poms on two sides and I wanted them to surround the sides and bottom. It went without a hitch. I added two pockets inside and will be on the lookout for a big vintage button or two to add to the pocket and perhaps the front.

It came out nice...I must say that it is the nicest behaving fabric that I have ever worked with. I am really not a sewer, but love to create when the "spirit of sewing" falls upon me. I could just see the bag as I was standing in the thrift shop wondering what I could use it for, since I had no need of small tab top curtains. I love the tiny vintage pattern and the fern like pattern.

For a mama with 6 children, I am sure this bag will come in is just too groovy with the little pom-poms!

Groovy recycled vintage people bag...thank you God!

ps- we refer to it as a ,' People Bag,' as it appears that you could fit a few people in it ;-)


ConservaChick said...

WOW, THANK YOU for your awesome prayer of encouragement. It's nice to exchange pity for hope. God IS capable of so much more than we give him credit for... even changing hearts.
I really like this bag. I made one for myself that was similar, but not nearly as cute (it's all about the pom poms.)
As for the homeschool snacks... I feel like I've cheated on my diet just looking at them, YUM. ~Karlie

Lovella said...

Hi Kimmie, Your people bag is just great. I surely do know what you mean about nice behaving fabric. Sometimes it just won't lay right and the entire project goes awry.

Your after school snacks just look so yummy. I can smell them almost.

I also noticed that you are able to have your door open already, oh I can't wait for us to feel that warmth.

Sue said...

That is adorable. I would sew the material in a big ball if I tried that.

I'm sure you'll get the miles out of that.

Joni said...

Cool bag, Kimmie! I think you could sell it at the Covent Garden market. ;) I recently bought a very neat purse there made of antique laces. Maybe I'll post it so you can see it. Anyway, I always love your comments on my blog. I love that you've been to London and love it as much as we do. And that you know what I'm writing about as few others do. We recently tried some churches closer to us, but have decided to go back to HTB even though it's about an hour away. It's just a great place. I know you agree!


Rod said...
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julie said...

kimmie, that bag is great! there is something so fun about creating something from "nothing". i love the thrift stores! keep craftin' girlfriend! julie

Anna said...

Let me send you some buttons for your bag! I have tons of vintage buttons I will never get to use . . . would you like green? Big? White? Let me know,


Stacy said...

AACK! I was just going to leave a comment saying, "This is so Pleasant View Schoolhouse of you" and now I see that THE Anna OF Pleasant View Schoolhouse left you a comment?!?! Lovely! :)

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