May 10, 2007

To do list

1. Finish painting the fence

2. Finish putting in the new raised garden bed

3. Mow the lawn to get rid of the sea of dandelions, yikes

4. learn to knit socks (any pointers- anyone want to mentor me?)

5. Plant my new garden seeds

6. Remind myself to water the flower boxes in the early morning or evening, so I don't kill the poor things

7. Finish reading the book of Hebrews and ask God what he wants me to study next in his word

8. Make plans to go to lunch with a dear girlfriend

9. Make some soap with the new box of essential oils that arrived from Brambleberry

10. Enjoy every moment of May- it is my MOST favorite time of the year!


Cindy said...

Oooh... you make your own soap?? Tell me more!

julie said...

hello! found your blog through tonia's. i have really enjoyed reading about your family and your family's adoptions. you and i share some very similiar feelings concerning children! we have 4 children, our older 2 are biological and our youngest 2 were adopted. they are all blessings. our 7 year old has some serious issues resulting from his prenatal history (lots of drugs and neglect. i know my heart wanted many more children but God has blessed us with these precious 4. thank you for sharing your story and photos. your children are simply beautiful. may Jesus bless you all! julie harris

Sue said...

OK, we are like, soul sisters except for the sock thing!

Seriously, I just love your blog, I'll be back.

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