May 1, 2007


I am thankful when God grants me vision, sometimes it is just a quick deposit that lasts until He brings it to pass, sometimes it is something that is poured into my spirit and soul over a period of time.

I think for years God has been pouring the vision of running an orphanage into my heart. People have spoken it over me and my family for years now, even prior to us having 6 beautiful children. It was always something I looked ahead to, it is something we have talked to our children about-as we feel God is preparing all of us. This is all good, but recently I began to think that God is planning on doing it here in the states...not some far off country like I thought. I keep wondering HOW?? Although it wasn't that long ago that we indeed did have orphanages, however in the past 80 or so years we have moved to the Foster Care system, as have many other countries. I truly feel this system doesn't work, unless of course you are fond of paperwork more than actual children's lives.

God has put the what and who in my heart (what-orphanage or children's home) (the who- my family and children without parents)...but the how remains to be seen. I believe wholeheartedly that MY God is able, as he spoke to my heart and planted the vision for adoption when I was all of 13 years old and a brand new Christian. He did it then, it took years, but when his timing was right, everything fell into place perfectly and now I am a mother to 6...5 who are adopted. Can God do it? Yes-if it is indeed his will.
At this years homeschool convention, I came across a book by Andy Stanley called, Visioneering. I will share a paragraph that has really got my heart right now;

What God originates, He orchestrates

You probably need to put this one on your bathroom mirror for a month or two. How is it never a problem for God. It is usually a big problem for us. But how is God's specialty. If the Old and New Testament teach us anything, they teach us that nothing is to difficult for God. What He originates he orchestrates.


Julie said...

Welcome to blogger! I followed you over from your entry on HSB. I have a blog on HSB. I was having trouble getting signed on to HSB all the time. Besides, I am terribly bad at remembering to blog about homeschooling. So, I started a blog on blogger too.

I still keep up my homeschool blog ~ with thoughts about homeschooling and mommy life.

My blogger blog contains my thoughts on my own spiritual journey.

I cross post updates on my adoption from Haiti... which is stalled because the Minister of Interior in Haiti has not issued even one passport to kids whose adoptions have been approved since... oh, January.

Cindy said...

Hi Kimmie! Good to find you here. I'm in the process of switching my blog over, too, but am having some trouble getting it done in my 10 minutes here and there. :) Was this one easy to set up? Love, love, love the new blog name. Perfect. :) Love your vision of the orphanage, too.

Denise P. said...

Kim - Love the new name and site! I am so impressed by your visions for your future and your trust in God! I will keep you all in my prayers.....

Stacy said...

I just love your heart so much! My first thought when I read this? Great! I hope it's a go someday and then I can learn from you and we can begin our own orphanage HERE! :)
Love to you!

melody said...

Bless you and your family's mission. I've recently had tugs at my heart, a desire to adopt more children. But then I ask how can we do it, there are already such issues to deal with our children already blessing our life. Then God continues to lead me to blogs such as yours, scripture, stories...reminders that it is not about what we can do but rather, what God can and will do.

Thank you for this "vision". And thanks for visitiny my place.

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