May 10, 2007


Well, my children have been waiting since late summer for the glorious day that the toads would be back in the garden.
Princess Giggles (6) asked for a toad for her birthday...I told her back in chilly March, "Well maybe, we will have to see what the weather is like for our toads to reappear in our gardens come early May." She resigned to wait with expectation!

Prince Bonkey (3) was our first, 'Toad Spotter," (sounds so official) this year. He was almost beyond words when he got to me.
"Mama, Mama, Mama-there is a toad over in the dirt!"

We ran back with him, as he didn't pick it up and indeed did find Mr. Toad. Princess Giggles was thrilled with her little brothers find, though I think she was disappointed that the morning had her away from home (at school, sigh) and missing the opportunity to spot the first one herself.
We enjoyed him for the day in a bucket furnished with all the things a toad could wish for. We released him late afternoon and prayed a little toad blessing over his life ;-)

God is good!

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