May 25, 2007

Want to see my two new vintange hats??

King Meemer (4) and I stopped at a tiny thrift store in our town...this was the first time we ever hit it when it was open..well, technically it was closed, but the nice lady from the church that was volunteering had the door open as she set up and she welcomed us in.

King Meemer occupied himself at a table heaped with toys. He found a few items that made him so happy-he got in the car with a small bag of lute and a big huge smile on his face. He said, "Mama that was a nice store, huh?" Thats my boy!

Everyone was very interested in the hats, I think we all want the small old man hat...sad for them, its mine! We had fun with a little photo shoot...don't you just love a digital camera?

If you want to borrow one of these hats...stop by and we can work it out ;-)


Cindy said...

So cute! I want to go vintage store shopping with you. :) I LOVE the photo of King Meemer.

Lovella said...

Oh how fun. I love the hats on all of you. You are a momma that knows how to make fun.

julie said...

love the hats. you know for a long time i always said that i wasn't a hat kind of person, i liked them but my head is so big, the hats never seemed to fit over my noggin! i finally found a few at the HARDWARE store! now i wear my hardware store hats and try not to feel to crazy! yes, i would like to go vintage shopping with you too!have agreat week!

Randi said...

You look so cute in the hats! All of your models do, as well!

Stacy said...

Aha! Finally I am able to leave a comment on this cute hat post! :) I *love* the hats! So Anne of Green Gables! :)
You are beautiful, Kimmie!

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