Jun 29, 2007

The crazy language of LOVE

Time-early morning on the couch

(conversation between a 12 year old dd and her newly adopted 5 yo brother)

brother: "When I grow up I am going to marry you."

12 year old sister: "Awwhhh honey, well you can't marry your sister, but that is sweet."

brother: " Okay then I am going to marry (insert name of other sister-age 8)."


same son last week after spending a weekend at my mom's, while my brother and husband (and 16 year old dd) roofed my mom's new house

son age 5 (King Meemer)-"Mama when I grow up I am going to marry Uncle Joe and Aunt Rachael."

Mama-"Honey that is sweet, but you can't marry them because they already are married."
(*I did put in that boys don't marry boys!)

son-"Okay, then I am definitely going to marry Aunt Rachael."

sigh, I think it is about falling in love with his new family-kids sure are funny.
(Yes and this is my son that was questioning family nudity at the lake ;-)

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Jill V. said...

That is so sweet! Made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes. My Oldest son went through the stage where he wanted to marry me. I think that it IS just because they Love SOOOOO BIG:-)

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