Jul 10, 2007

cloth vs. hmmm

At lunch today we were discussing finding a diaper service for our "to be adopted" baby girl from Guatemala. I told my kids that my friend Susan thought she had the name of a company that still served our area. I began explaining how you bag up your dirty diapers and leave them on your doorstep and the service brings you new fresh ones to replace them with.

Princess Sunshine (8) says, "Oh, well do we still have to change her?"

Something was lost in my explanation I think? Lol


Lovella said...

Kimmie, Ilove the label on this post. How wonderful it is that the Lord blesses us with sweet little tidbits amidst the sometimes stormy days. Your little princess Sunshine is truly that. Oh I wish I had written down all the funny things my kids had said.
I pray that this day will find you just "over the moon with joy".

Joni said...

Too funny!!

randi said...

Too bad there wasn't a service for that, eh? ;)

I don't know if you are interested, but my daughter works for this wonderful company:


They sell their own brand of diapers and covers and the service is great!

ManyBlessings said...

Hahahahahaha!!! If only that were true I would have been the first to sign up!

javamamma said...

Oh, gotta clear something up. PBZ is NOT my husband. My Beloved does not blog - but he should. :o)

Pastor Brian pastors a church about 3 hours from here that we've been to conferences at and really love their ministry, thus my recommendation on his blog but he doesn't even know we exist. :o)

Sarah said...

What a bummer! You still have to change her. Hehe I laughed over that one :)

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