Jul 24, 2007

free bible lessons for kids

I think it has been 8 years that my kids have been doing this snail mail bible lesson. My mom originally signed my oldest up, when she lived in Virginia. I think it must be a t.v. show down that way. Joy Junction will send you (for FREE) a 3 page story lesson, coloring/game page and a page with a few questions (3-4) to answer from the story. Once you mail it to them, they send you the next sweet story lesson. They are character based stories and my kids all have enjoyed them.

When Princess Sunshine first came to our house through foster care (she was 3 then), we began doing a lesson at her level, she received a new lesson that came on her 4rth birthday. In that lesson it asked you if you asked Jesus into your heart, giving the basic steps of "how to." That day my birthday girl asked if I could pray with her, asking Jesus to come into her little heart and life. Can you imagine my joy?

That is one of the many reasons why I love this ministry, we have also used Doorpost ministries, when the kids hit preteen ages. Hope you'll give it a try, I know my kids look forward to getting some mail and reading their next lesson.
Mailbox Club is another ministry for kids-adults..
sign up online!

I tried to find a link to Joy Junction online, but there was nothing I could locate. Just send them a note with your child's name, age, and address (grade level might help too) and soon you will receive yours in the mail! Your commitment, completing the lesson, taping it shut and sticking on a stamp...give it a go!

Joy Junction

P.O. Box 6922

Clearwater, FL


Perhaps you know someone who would be blessed by a little surprise in their mailbox-seeds planted unto salvation...you never know!




Cindy said...

I think we did those for a while. I forgot about them. They'd be great now that I have a couple more kids who can read! I'm interested in the doorpost ones! I didn't know they did that. I'll have to check it out!

javamamma said...

I think I'll get these. When I was young (probably 8 and up) I got something similar and it was sent to me through an older lady whom I wrote back and forth with. Special memories I have. Thanks for sharing!

BethPie said...

Thank you for sharing this! My younger ones will enjoy it. They love getting mail of their own... and it's always neat to have a various approaches to different Bible stories instead of reading out of the same books we have at home. :o)

Kimmie said...

Bethpie- you are welcome- you should write each of your kids ages...now that I am thinking about it..I think it even goes through basic adult level (more for newly saved/unsaved, but good basic review of what you believe
;-) ask about it if you are interested. I remember doing it in the mail for a few years, can't remember if it was through Joy Junction or not...can't hurt to ask!

Cindy-I tried to find the doorpost devotional ...couldn't locate that online either, will ask my oldest when she gets back from her mission trip in West Virginia.

Javamamma- yes, love it when God hooks you up with someone in a mentor type situation. I am sure your kids will enjoy it. Its a nice way to get more of "God" in.

love to you all!

Ami said...

Thanks for sharing! I will look into these.

UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I've sent you an email I hope you don't mind. Bob.

Lovella said...

I just love it that these sorts of things are still available today. When I was little we always listenend to Aunt B and Uncle Charlie Sunday mornings before we went to Sunday School. I still remember that routine, and all the good lessons we learned.

Joni said...

Hey Kimmie!

Your comment on my blog about the response from the guy on the tube made me laugh. I'll definitely check out the gardening blog. I was going to pop over here from my blog, but realized that I didn't have you posted in my sidebar. DUH? Sorry about that. When I switched over to blogger, I forgot lots of things. So, anyhoo, I'm remedying that situation today! Also, would love to email chat about your experiences here sometime. I emailed you way back when, but not sure you received it. I've been having major problems with my email here. Well, gotta go feed the kiddies!

Pura said...

Kimmie, thanks for your visit to my blog. You've got a beautiful family.
God Bless.

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