Jul 8, 2007

My tears are turned to joy

My kind, generous (very generous) friend Randi at I have to say blessed me with a Reflection Award. Randi, you made me cry-a good cry, the kind that God gives when he tells you not to worry that it will be okay. That though the wheels don't seem like they are turning, really God is using your life to influence and impact others.

We just got back from our holiday at a camp in NY-my husband and I came back needing a vacation, sigh- our wee ones had a difficult time with the concept of "family time" and 'vacation." I came back feeling defeated and like somehow I am not qualified to meet their needs. I know it is a lie, that where God calls us, he enables us-he equips us, but after 3 years of no family vacation, I was feeling heavy and heart broken. My precious friend blessed me by telling me that somehow I had touched her life-I can't tell you how much that means, especially now. I am blessed to have such a friend.

This award (or reward if you like ;-) is described as such:

"make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy… of knowing them and being blessed by them."

I will now share my list of 5 friends who cast my spirit into thankful reflection;

1. Stacy my dear friend at With Great Joy, we met while on an adoption journey with All God's Children to Guatemala. She adopted a handsome baby boy and in the process made time for friendship with me. She brought me into the world of blogging, she is my constant help and encourager- she made sure someone commented when I began-Stacy always has a kind word. She is an excellant mother, loves her husband and is devoted to hearing from her Lord and God. Her blog will surely bless you- she is the real deal and is so bend over backwards helpful-a wonderful friend and sister in the Lord.

2. Randi at I have to Say- this girl has it going on. She has a heart that is so big, I think kind/generous/sweet, must be her middle name. Honestly, I want her to move next door, so I could glean from her. She is a doer- not a hearer only, she is quick to bless others, I think she honestly would give you the clothes off her back, or certainly make you a beautiful outfit that would be the talk of the neighborhood for sure. She is creative and quick to share her latest project how-to's. I am blessed to have her as a friend and am thankful for God's deposit of her in my life. She has taught me alot already-can't wait to read her blog -it is fun, encouraging, beautiful and inspiring (big hug Randi)!

3. Cindy at Still His Girl, she is a Pastor's wife and really full of life. She shares her journey of her life as a mom, wife and daughter of the Most High. She is funny and quick witted-honestly I'd like to adopted her-and keep her for myself! See if you don't feel the same!

4. Suzanne at Adventures in Daily Living, I am not sure how Suzanne came into my life, but boy am I thankful for her. She has a heart to join those who have adopted together in this big blogosphere, she takes a lot of time to make it happen with her Adoption Roundup's. She is very talented and really is always trying something new, truly inspiring to me.

5. Jenny at Hands Raised to Heaven who is 5 days away from completing an adoption! Hurray! She has been waiting for Talitha with great patience and is always sharing how God is faithful (even through eyelashes laden with tears). She has had a very difficult year and many wouldn't walk in the faith that Jenny has. I am so thrilled that Talitha will soon be in her arms -what a little beauty! Jenny is a gentle hearted sister who always has a kind word to encourage you.


tonia said...

Congratulations, Kimmie!

You deserve a sweet award. You are a blessing wherever you go.

Praying for you this morning...that you may know joy in weakness and weariness. He is with you!

Stacy said...

Don't you even for a second let the enemy have his way here with his lies.
You are a wonderful, *wonderful* mama and you are EXACTLY what your children need. God knew that, long long ago, and that's why they're with you and you with them.
Praying for you today, my friend.
Oh, and (((hugs))) to you for the sweet blessing of the award. THANK YOU!!! Makes my day! :)

Shawnda said...

Hi Kimmie! Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog...so that I could read yours!! You are such a blessing! I've only read a few posts, and I'm moved by the Lord's grace in your life! You are a precious testimony of our Lord's grace and power!!!! I look forward to continuing to read how the Lord works in and through you and your family!!!!

Be encouraged, dear sister, the Lord is near to you....you are overflowing Jesus, His goodness, and His mercies!!

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning - GREAT is His faithfulness!

May you wake in the morning with eyes to see and ears to hear His fresh mercies for your day!!!

Cindy said...

Sweet friend, thank you for the beautiful compliment.

I second Stacy's words...you are EXACTLY what your children need, and you are giving them a BEAUTIFUL life.

You are beautiful and amazing and I imagine your kids will treasure ANY time with you- vacation or not.

Randi said...

Kimmie, you are a gem! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!

You know, God equips us individually to deal with the things that he desires for us to accomplish. For you, he has handpicked 6 kiddos (so far) and each one is a perfect fit for your family. Family vacations, especially with younger children, can be tough, but I think that it part of the learning process with them. We are on a journey of teaching our kids because they need direction. It is easy to forget that they aren't wired to behave appropriately, but rather to need some guidance.

Hang in there, I hope this week is a good one for you, full of joy and peace in Christ!

Jenny said...

Congradulations! I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. You are a blessing.

Thanks for posting regarding my blog and for your sweet words of prayer and encouragement.

God is good!!

:: Suzanne :: said...

thank you so much! I've passed the blessing on.

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