Jul 23, 2007

An unexpected change of events

Okay, this isn't earth shattering by any means, really just summer filler, something light and laughable for a change. This is my FIRST ever pair of white "whip-whops" (how my four year old son says it). I know they aren't totally white, but for me this is HUGE. I am normally a dark sole flip-flop kind of girl, as I am always in the garden and I guess my feet must be abnormally sweaty/dirty~which is why I never embark on light colored summer whip-whops.

Not sure how it happened, but those polka dots seemed to scream my name. I have only worn them a few times, but somehow they are still pristine. I must be growing up!

Either that or I have been avoiding the garden, hmmm, that maybe more likely.


La Tea Dah said...

Adorable flip-flops (not what we called them when I was a teen!) and I love the white polka dots!

Thanks for visiting Gracious Hospitality and leading me to your site. I will be back --- and I'm delighted to meet you!


javamamma said...

Totally cute! I have one pair of white whip-whops (love that!)...oh take that back - I have 2, and, uh...several others. I wear them all year round unless there's a foot of snow. :o)

nsremom said...

your feet look so tan! Maybe it's the WHITE flip flops?

I don't love flip flops, I like sandals, but those are exceptionally cute.

Kelli said...

Hi Kimmie,
Thank you for visiting my blog and the basil pesto feezing tip!
Your new flip-flops are adorable...I love the polka-dots!

Lovella said...

. .the polka dots would be calling my name too. Early this summer, my daughter in law had her annual cleaning of the whip whop's out on her deck. She used a big pail of sudsy water and a good scrub brush and when she was done, she declared it summer. I loved that.

Randi said...

Oh, I love polka dots! Those are perfect summer-day whip-whops! ;)

Cindy said...

Too cute! Aren't you just so wild and crazy buying WHITE? (I don't own any white, either. You've inspired me. Although my feet wouldn't look tan in them!)

Elle said...

Completely love the polka dots. I've recently become enamored of all the different styles as well. Fun post.

Stacy said...

Love them! They look just like a pair I would pick out. (Although I'm with you on the usual dark-soled flops! :))

EEEEMommy said...

I'm not a flip-flops girl myself, I don't enjoy having anything stuck between my toes, BUT we have the same pajamas! :) AND you have very pretty feet!
By the way, I'd love to come over for a visit! :) And you're welcome any time you're passing through Indiana, all of you! :)

blue thistle books said...

You are a brave girl Kimmie! I would've had those destoyed within an hour! Love the polkie-dots!


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