Aug 26, 2007

Garden crop...road side find

Tomatoes from the garden, an abundant crop, that we easily devour and give thanks for.

Our 1 year old Silly Bunter (really Hunter, but everyone needs a nickname,right?) and the beautiful 4 wrought iron chairs that were found on the side of the road as a cast off.

It was perfect timing, because the day before I had been at an antique store looking at a set for $400. I decided against the antique set, and the very next day God blessed me with this nice surprise. It is an especially sweet blessing for me, because my father was an iron worker, his favorite past time was creating things like this. He made many beautiful things in his life time, a true artist with a heart of gold.
I miss my Papa, he passed away 16 years ago, which seems like yesterday. I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest when my dad had a massive heart attack, a very hard time indeed. It did strengthen my marriage and my relationship with my heavenly Father. God blessed me with our first adoption, which was shortly after the Iron Curtain fell in my father's homeland Hungary. Can you believe that the day I met my daughter in an orphanage in Hungary was the anniversay of the last day I spent with my father. Our last day was Thanksgiving here in the states, I had sweet conversations with my Papa, brushed his hair, rubbed his back and just enjoyed a day together as family. The day we received the phone call from our adoption attorney with our referral (of our 'to be daughter'), it was my birthday. God knows every detail of our lives. He knows how to find the special ways to bless us, to which my heart is so grateful.

I have a collection of wrought iron things, some given to me, some bought, some actually from my father-all of them bring me joy, as they remind me of what a gift he was to me and this world. Truly he was my hero and I miss him greatly.

I have bought paints with the intention of detailing out the arms and back floral design. Though you can't really see the details on the chairs, they are hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers. I think it will be a nice project, that will really make the chairs extra special. Now I just need to find the time to get it going.

Believing for a nice iron table to make a set...God is good!


BethPie said...

Thank you for sharing the memories of your dad. And the chairs - - so beautiful! What a nice reminder of him and a neat gift from God. :o)

And what a sweet dog! We have a golden named Henry (with many and varied nick-names).

Cindy said...

So happy for you and your treat! :)

I LOVED hearing about your dad; a little more about you, my friend. Tell us more!!

javamamma said...

Our Heavenly Father is so amazing isn't He? Beautiful tribute to your earthly father as well.

nsremom said...

I too loved the story about your dad. What a great reminder of your earthly father every time you see your adopted child. coolness!

and free is my favorite. :)


Sniz said...

That is awesome! I hope you post pictures of those wonderful chairs when you're done. Hey, are you going to come over and get your award?

blue thistle books said...

I'm so happy you were blessed today with these beautiful chairs. What a beautiful reminder our Heavenly Father sent you of your papa! He truly blesses those He loves!

UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie, I like your chairs and your dog. You did things the opposite way round to me, I bought my garden chairs but found my dog by the roadside. I'm lucky that I still have my dad here but the thoughts you express for your father I feel for my grandfather. Best wishes to you and your family, Bob.

Jenni said...

Oh gosh that is the sweetest tale! It blesses me greatly to be reminded of God's gentle delight in us.

Mommaofmany said...

Great find! It's amazing what people will throw away!

You have a beautiful dog, too!


Lovella said...

Oh what a good find, and what a wonderful gift to see that it is the Lord that knows our every need and loves to treat us with gifts specific to our lives.
It will be great to see what you do with them.

Old School Acres said...

Of course Hunter has to have a nickname. Our golden's name is Tucker, but we call him Tucker Bucker LOL

Thank you for sharing the story about your Papa. So touching. And thank you for sharing your faith. It's refreshing.

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