Sep 6, 2007

A Fugitive Returned

Once upon a time there was a family who went away for the weekend to their home in Vermont. It was a beautiful weekend and they were thoroughly enjoying the time away without electricity to complicate their lives. In their second day of soaking in the rest and relaxation of the winding down of summer, in wanders a four legged 'Wanderer.'
The kids looked out the window that is framed in ancient curtains that are covered in every Hunters dream. Now, this might have not been that exciting, if it hadn't been that we live on the tippety-top of a mountain, dirt road included. We don't see much from our place in the sky, an occasional hiker, a car that is cutting over the mountain as a short cut to the otherside. So, this was the first visitor as such in many moons. We rushed outside and greeted our guest. She cowered and came with great caution towards our outstretched hands. We fed her, as she looked hungry. She ate and ate, every morsel that was offered to her.
My Knight drove down the mountain with reckless abandon, in search of someone who might belong to our Wanderer. He drove all the way down to town and as it was Sunday, hit the three business' that were open. As God would have it, our favorite Constable (and also double duty Dog Warden) was in the second shop.
The Animal Officer told us we had two choices, bring her home (he knows us) or call him on his cell and he'd come take her. The taking part could end up the next stage as the animal shelter and if no one came for her...perhaps an untimely death.
Now upon his care and wisdom we made the decision that set our Fugitive in route to our Homestead, 2 states away.
Our hostage friend thoroughly enjoyed the scenic 3 hour drive home and spent her time perched on my lap, occasionally nodding off to doggie dreamland.
Our Wanderer seemed to be quite content, 2 days pass and no call from the Doggie Warden. We are holding our breath. Alas, her days were numbered as part of our clan, the phone rang and it was her Mistress. She had called every shelter in the area and had the whole town in search of her sweet Teagan. (who we had been calling BleuSkye). Turns out Teagan was not hungry, nor lost, just known as a sweet people lover and came to us in search of friendship.
My Knight happily drove her back across the state lines to the waiting arms of her own. They were so thankful that we had helped their sweet girl. Her mama explained that she had disappeared on a bike ride in the woods, they thought she had run home, they were overwhelmed with worry, as our mountain has Bobcats and one and a half year old Teagan is all of 40 pounds.
We were sad to see our fugitive go, she would have made an excellent family addition-with the 6 kids, 110 pound dog, 2 rescued cats and a mama who is waiting for a baby to call her own.
Just another day in the life of our family. My Knight was concerned that soon we would be known as the Dr. Doolittle family, I told him I was praying for a turtle and a monkey still, wonder what tomorrow will hold?
Well, we now have some new friends, her owners run the 5 and Dime store in town and they have offered to let us borrow our dear BlueSkye Teagan for an afternoon, anytime we are up in our castle in the sky.


Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh she's beautiful. Part of me would have wanted to say "What dog?" But the pet owner in me would have wanted a safe return of my own pet so how could I not return her?

I think it's great though that you can visit her and take her for a day. That's generous of them. God blesses you when you least expect it.


Becka said...

What a beautiful dog! I am glad she was able to be re-joined with her owners.

And I am sure you will get a monkey soon enough. I have three of them. Of course they are human monkeys, but lovable just the same.

And I would be extra careful what you wish

Quinne said...

What a precious story! My sweet 5 yr old would say "it's always so fun to find a new friend, but horribly startling to have to say goodbye" :) Love, Q

javamamma said...

Even not being a pet-lover, your fugitive has really beautiful eyes! Enjoy her while you can.

EEEEMommy said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to keep her!
We had a husky just like that when I was growing up! Someone stole him out of his pen. We were so sad! But we enjoyed him for 12 years! He was a great dog!

Lovella said...

what a beautiful dog. wow, you are nice people . . .I always knew it but this confirms it . . .yup . .nice people . .all of you . .

UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie, I think I know how you must have felt when the owner was found for the dog. As you know I found my Tommy in a similar way and whilst I did what I could to locate his owner and I wanted him to find his proper family if possible I dreaded the day they turned up for him. For me as you know the ending was different and now we've probably had him longer than his first people did. I hope it wasn't too upsetting for the kids. Bob.

blue thistle books said...

I'm so sorry you lost your companion. I hope that God will give you the gift of a new animal to love very soon! And thanks for reminding me about the turtle. I had forgotten. The gray matter isn't what it used to be!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Sniz said...

That is such a touching story and a beautiful dog!!! I'm so glad you found her family...I can just imagine that little girl's excitement!

5KidMom said...

I am a mix of emotions as I ponder your post. I'm sure Teagan's owners are relieved to have her back, but your family has every reason to feel sad at her loss. What a blessing that your "BlueSkye" will be able to visit with you all on your next vacation. You did the right thing.

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