Sep 11, 2007

A Look at Last Weekend...or...A Baby Fix!

We were blessed with a 'respite' baby, through foster care, for the weekend. Her foster parents had a wedding out of state and needed us to fill in as caretakers. As you can see it is a family ministry and we love each time God gives us this opportunity. Little baby J. wasn't a sleeper, so she and I had lots of time together, I think I used it wisely, as I was praying over her future.

I ask God to bless her, that she would know Him and would grow to love Him more and more....we have seen God move in awesome ways in some of our other respite/foster babies over the years, so we know He hears us and is ready to move on their behalf!

I'd like to add that my Knight is "the man", he is a hands on guy with all our kids and stepped right in with this Little Princess. He has the "touch" too, as whenever the colic time hit, he would get her quiet and would bless her with times of peace.


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

OH my goodness, how precious!
I think you guys are the bomb- it takes a special person (couple) to be foster parents, even temporarily.

Oh the FEET! I love the FEET!
I couldn't wait to kiss Lauren's feet!

Blessings sister,

Cindy said...

Bless you! A friend of mine just got a call in the middle of the night for two little ones, 5 and 7. One had no underwear and had worn pjs to school. One said, "Your bathroom is so clean!" Pray for them if you think of it? Heartbreaking that there are so many kids in crisis; beautiful that you can help.

nsremom said...

So that's one way to cure a baby fix! How cool. and a man who can handle a baby. Nothing...NOTHING more attractive than that, don't you think? I remember my husband holding my cousin's newborn, before we had our own.....and I think I hit a new level of love.

It just isn't a usual thing. treasure him!

Stacy said...

Oh, Kimmie--

Tears are welling up in my eyes as I look at you in those photos with that baby. I just love you so much and continue to pray for a baby for *YOU*, my friend. You are such a wonderful mama and all of you--- such naturals. You can see it in the pictures.

Love you!

javamamma said...

What a sweetie! Sounds like a great way to get a 'baby fix'. And what an opportunity you pray over a baby's future - awesome!

Elise said...

I can hardly stand not being able to smeel that sweetness myself. What a beautiful time for your family - it is obvious that everyone just revelled in the joy of young life!

Tracy said...

Oh, this is making me excited to get this process rollin'! So sweet!

Nunnie's Attic said...

What a wonderful ministry to share with others. And she's too precious too. Still praying for you and a call from the adoption agency.


Debbie said...

Oh, how precious. Bless your hearts for opening your homes to this little one.

You have given her such a blessing by sharing your hearts.

Bobbie-Jo said...

That was just too sweet. Your family is blessed to be able to bless like that!

randi---i have to say said...

Oh, what a neat way to spend the weekend! God is so good to have blessed both your family and the little babe! Your family is the greatest!

Sniz said...

I would say you are the woman, too! I LOVE to see what you are doing and how you are praying and being used by God! Bless you!!!!

tonia said...

Wonderful. I often do the same thing - take moments to pray for the future - when I am holding my mom's babies. It breaks your heart to think that you may be the only ones praying for a child as they go off into the world. May the Lord have much grace.

~I've been popping in here Kimmie, as often as possible. Praying for your family and your future.

lady laura said...

You have a lovely blog, Kimmie :) A beautiful family too.

Blessings to you!

Lovella said...

I love your pictures. Your family just is such a blessing.
What a blessing this baby had for the weekend. You may have only had the baby for a few short days, but the prayers will never leave her.

julie said...

What a sweet little girl. How blessed she was to have your family prayerfully undertake her care over the weekend.

There is just nothing like a sweet little one to bring a family together.

Jess said...

Awww! Now you've got me looking forward even more to next week. We get to take a 2 month old little girl for respite care for a whole week! I'm going to try to do a photo shoot and give the pictures to the foster mom when she comes back. I've got to do the feet shot, too cute!

ConservaChick said...

I have often thought about doing this, but I really don't think I could give the baby back! How do you do it?
I have a friend who just took in TWO foster babies! I admire you both. ~Karlie

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