Sep 8, 2007

prayer request for Hunter...our doggie

(a reposting of this post- as somehow my pictures wouldn't open?!)
Here are some old and new pictures of our 1 1/2 year old pure bred Golden Retriever, Hunter (Silly Bunter).
Monday morning Bunter is having oral surgery -he has something strange growing in his palate and it needs to be removed. It will be sent to a lab to make sure that it isn't bad stuff. Please pray for his surgery and a "good" outcome...i.e. no cancer and no return of this yucky growth. (which they say is common) thanks so much for all us.

Hunter's adoption day from the Humane Society.
This is Hunter at 9 months, yes I know he looks like a lab., he was shaved by his prior owners. Though we like the look for the summer. He was given up because he was a naughty pooch, he ate their house when they went to work. (guess they should have tried a crate and some puppy classes)!

Don't try this at home!

Look I can do tricks!

Silly Bunter needed a new friend (a pink monkey who could hug him through his sorrow!) after we returned Bleuskye Teagan to her proper owners. (see previous post if you want the scoop of our doggie friend/fugitive!)

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