Sep 9, 2007

Silent Sunday-well almost silent

Turtles...Homeschool Style

As we have been studying turtles we learned that a group of turtles is called a bale. (happy to share our knowledge!)


UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie. WOW! I need my sunglasses on to look at those Turtles! I think I'd better come join your class, apart from it being way more fun than I ever had at school I learn way more too, I never knew a group of Turtles was called a bale! All the best, Bob.

Bobbie-Jo said...

I'm glad to see the pictures this time! (Last time I visited all I got were boxes with red x's) Very crafty kids!

blue thistle books said...

Please tell the boys I am very impressed with there turtles! Can't wait to see all of you! I'll write you later, as I am supposed to be working. Wed. is a go!


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