Oct 24, 2007

Another Animal Whisperer and she is mine

I have been meaning to share this with you, but things have been abnormally busy here. A month ago, or so, my eldest (16) made the declaration that she had a strong desire to tame a chipmunk. The idea was planted this summer, when we met a family on vacation (the Dinsmores) who had a son who was a 'chipmunk whisperer.' I guess it has been on her mind since then, as she began to share her vision with our friends and family.

Now recently my Knight and I have decided that some must view us as 'Dr. Doolittle-ites', as we have been getting the strangest phone calls in regards to possible family additions. My girlfriend, Karla brought us a chipmunk, but he quickly freed himself and has only been seen occasionally gathering seeds by the stone wall that runs the front border of our courtyard.
My dear brother -in -law, has been trying to rid himself of his chipmunks that he has gladly obliged my eager 'chipmunk training daughter' with three chipmunks in the past month. Well, the first turned out to be a red squirrel, but none the less, he is an active participant in the regale.

The red squirrel, picked up by me at my brother in laws, as two of my children were over on a playdate. Now, I said, "Yes" to the 'chipmunk', not knowing that I actually was yesing...a small red squirrel.

I discovered the 'misidentification' upon our first face to face, but carried him home none the less- as he needed a 'relocation' program and our 4 acres seemed promising. My daughter agreed, it wasn't the chipmunk of her dreams, so she allowed me to release him from his 'have a heart home' and introduce him to his new residence in our forest. He gladly accepted, and I think he chirped, "thanks" as he made his escape. I say he loosely, as I haven't a clue as to his/her gender.

The second came while 'Uncle Fred' visited us last week. My brother-in-law was concerned as the poor chipmunk, to which he was now sure of its proper lineage, was very lethargic. (i.e.-mostly dead). We embraced our newest furry friend, fussed over him, blessed him, prayed over him, tried to nurse and mother him (again loosely with the him)...but alas he flew heavenly right after noon.

I became the chipmunks casket carrier, enough said.

Monday late afternoon we got the 3rd call from my sympathetic devoted brother in law, he had just obtained another 'trainee' and it was ready to join the family at my 'yes.' He quickly explained his where abouts and I told him to come on by.

As you will notice in the picture, this one didn't arrive by the 'have a heart trap.' I almost wet myself when I saw how it was chauffeured to our home. I had to stop and capture the moment, 15 feet of gutter, stuffed into a tiny car, duct tape enclosing both ends, and a cute chipmunk firmly believing he never had to come out. Yes, this is the stuff bloggers dream of.

He only managed a short time as our beloved, my sweet Pirate Jackie arose early to work with her newest student. She fed him, pet him {carefully, we are aware they are wild things-but we are fearless and prayerful ;-)}, and was going about he 4rth attempt at making friends, when he VOOMED. The brazen dickens saw his opportunity with the teachers hand through his gated home, he ran up her arm, jumped on her head and headed for the hills. Poor girl, she was heart broken at the situation. ;-) She sent a note off to her sweet Uncle, who replied rather quickly that he'd keep his eye out for another pesty rodent chipmunk for her science,/psychology study. After all, he loved his niece too much to quit his part in the circus 'gathering' now.

If you are still reading...God bless you, not sure what the next phone call will bring us, but hold your hats...we are in for a wild ride I am sure~I must say that this is keeping me from pondering our 'on hold' adoption to Guatemala, God has such a sense of humor!


Lovella said...

I read till the end, thank you for the blessing and the double blessing as I enjoyed your account of the ongoing events of your trainer and trainee's.
I will certainly be inquiring once again as to the ongoing situation on the chipmunk reserve.

How fun.

Foxy5 said...

Ok, now thats funny.
I'm to much of a wuss to allow those um, wonderful little creatures into/on/around my house. It does sound like quite the exciting endeavor though. My poor kids are going to be so disappointed when we get into homeschooling and I do all of our science projects from the book. God help us! :)

Good luck with your captures.

Anonymous said...

Oooo! Oooo! My dad, who is now in his 70's, had a pet squirrel when he was little!! He always talks fondly of his little wild, furry friend. He found him as a tiny, but independent little thing. He trained him and tamed him. It was supposedly not that uncommon back then~! He talks about how at night he would go to bed, and then just as he would turn out the light, the little guy would zoom across the room to my dad's coat hanging on a hook, jump up into the coat, and burrow into the pocket where he would sleep until morning.

I suppose squirrels would be easier to tame than chipmunks as they aren't as high strung as chipmunks can be.

Have fun, but be careful!!

Greta Jo said...

What a great post! I can not wait to hear more. Can you believe our Lord made all the creatures in the world. How amazing...

Greta Jo

javamamma said...

Enjoy your little 'farm'!

ManyBlessings said...

As soon as I get down from standing on this chair I'll say "yikes". And then I'll probably pee my pants.

nsremom said...

I LOVE that she's taming it. What a lover of God's animals.

so happy it's your girl and not me...I have a bad track record with chipmunks.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I stopped by to catch up with you and got such a chuckle out of your most recent post about taming the chipmunk. We had a pet squirrel growing up. My dad found him as a tiny baby, he had fallen out of the nest, which was too high up in the tree for us to return him. We named him Squeaky, and bottle fed him until he was old enough to eat nuts and such. It's such a great memory. I know Pirate Jacky will make great memories in this endeavor. Love, Velvia

Bobbie-Jo said...

How lovely!

I would love to have a pet like that - we have wild salamanders here and I have put the alert out to everyone that I'm "shopping"!

I hope all of you enjoy such a cutie in your midst.

Quinne said...

LOL, Kimmie :) What a precious story! Three cheers (and hugs) for the new project - can't wait for chapter two... Love, Q

Nunnie's Attic said...

Kimmie you all have a heart of gold! Living 'in town' the chipmunks never let us get close. Although I never thought of taming one either.

Although just this morning, my youngest son, nephew and niece found a stray kitten. This cat must be an indoor cat because it's too soft and too friendly to be out in the wild. My sister-in-law was kind enough to keep the cat at her house today until we can locate the owner. I have 6 myself. Can't bring another one in.


randi---i have to say said...

Ha! The photo-op is priceless, for sure!

How sweet that your daughter has such a tender heart towards animals. My oldest is hoping to make it to vet school someday so that she can be around dogs and cats all day long! She loves them!

Rachel said...

It sounds to me like you might do better with an orphaned chipmunk that needs bottle-fed. My mom has raised multitudes of little varmits, whenever anyone finds a momma-less critter they call her. Bottle-raised animals are quite tame you know.

Sniz said...

Wow, what dedication, to bring you a chipmunk by way of gutter. And I salute you for being the casket-bearer. Women get to fill that role too seldom. Hopefully you will get SOMETHING to replace the three absentee animals soon!

Christin said...

Woah. Not I'M curious...can the little beasty be tamed?

The squirrels in OUR yard think that they ARE tamed. They come right up next to you...no fear. But as for ME, I'm kind of freaked out by it. And just keep waiting for the buggers to spazz out on us. So we avoid them at all costs. ;)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sounds like you've had some adventures at your house! LOL
I think chipmunks are soooo cute...when we lived in Colorado and visited 7 Falls...the chipmunks would come up to you and take food out of your hand.

Tracy said...

I can see my mom trying to do this! I think I am NOT going to put the idea in her head! :) Good for you though, to support your daughter in this "journey" (experience?)...better word?

julie said...

Oh my goodness that is such a sweet story. I hope she gets a new subject soon.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

That is great! Our friends actually caught a chipmunk and kept him as their pet for almost 2 years until he met his demise. The 3 girls loved him, and yes they tamed him! So much to your chagrin, tell your daughter to keep trying. :)

Love your blog, clicked here from "Laughing through the Tears." I am sure I will visit again.

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