Oct 4, 2007

please consider signing and forwarding this link

We have been asked by our adoption agency to rally our friends and family to petition our President in regards to the current crisis situation in Guatemala.
Please consider signing your name...and joining the many families who are awaiting children in Guatemala and the voices of the fatherless from that nation who need us to stand in the gap for them-to bring them a hope and a future. We welcome your friends and family to join us...the more voices the better!
Sign your name only, do not link your name with ours or it will not count as a separate voice to be heard.
thanks so much for your help!


javamamma said...

My husband and I have signed the petition and I linked to you on my blog. May Jesus put His blessing on this venture!

Cindy said...

Signed and forwarding!

Gina said...

Come on over for coffee, and enter my give away!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I have signed in my heart. (I am Canadian) I pray that these "powers that be" that prevent the fatherless from having a family will be convicted to do what is just.

Nunnie's Attic said...

26530 Signatures Total
Kimmie I pray this petition finds it's way into God's hands.

Love you,

Hannah said...

I've signed it, and will put up a link to you on my blog ASAP!

Jenni said...

happy to be able to do anything, no matter how small.

tonia said...

I'll add mine, Kimmie.

Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning-
I am from Guatemala and directly familiar with 3 types of origination for babies available for adoption:

1. Baby farms. These are institutions that host ladino and white looking teen girls from middle and upper class families, for a fee they hide the girls and spare the family from the shame involved with this. They also keep the babies and arrange for high fee adoptions usually in Europe.

2. The purchased baby. This happens in rural areas in which adoption organizations offer from 2 to 5 thousand quetzales en exchange for a baby from families that have lots of children and can barely support them. This are often.

3. The kids taken from public hospitals by social workers. This kids are supposed to be routed to institutions, instead social workers arrange for adoption via private organizations for a fee.

the least common case is the honest adoption orginating from orphanages or institutions.

I personally know many who have become wealthy from this business. Since most kids end up in decent families I have even been tempted to partake, however the core moral foundation of this process is wrong and it should be corrected

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