Nov 24, 2007

A glimpse into our celebration at home

Set up and ready to rock out Thanksgiving with my husband's side of our family!
The adult table. I love my new vintage groovy red mushroom tablecloth, hey...I can't help it, I am a vegetarian ;-)
A new nativity scene on the shelf...I will take better pictures of my find next week. See baby Tobin on the floor?

The wee one's tables ;-) (yes, that is a Christmas tree on that red chair. I need to put a little Christmas out to help me through Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is bittersweet to me, two days after this celebration my Hungarian Papa died from a heart attack...I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest).

My Knight putting the finishing touches on the kid's table

Why is my Pirate Jacky sitting...there is prep work to do!

My mother in law cooked the turkey all night...the turkey lovers said, "Yum!"
My 3 newbies first family Thanksgiving...can you tell the two (out of the three in this photo) feel quite 'family!' God is so good! Funny, but they look like my husband's side!

Is it time to eat?

cousins and friends

Time for pie! Or maybe a nap!

The cousins


Ashley Winters said...

You have an absolutely beautiful family and home. Happy Thanksgiving!

javamamma said...

Looks like tons of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

You have a beautiful home!! It looks like you had a wonderful family Thanksgiving dinner :) Thank you for sharing your holiday with us bloggers!!

Anonymous said...

Your home and family are beautiful, Kimmie. Your house is so light and bright even at this time of year, and immaculate. I hope you had a lovely day with all your family around you.


Lovella said...

Your nest ooozes warmth and love. It looks like fun was had by all, and as a Turkey lover, I have to say that looks like a good one.

Is is just me or are your wee ones growing like weeds?
Precious, all of them.

KOSTAS said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo

Χαίρομαι που είστε μια ευτυχισμένη οικογένεια.
΄΄ Τα πολλά παιδιά είναι ευτυχία ΄΄, λέμε στην Ελλάδα.
Η Παναγία να σας έχει όλους με υγεία και να προστατεύει τα παιδιά σας σε κάθε βήμα τους.
Να σας ευλογεί ο Θεός.

KOSTAS said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo
I am glad that is a happy family.
'' The a lot of children is happiness, says in Greece.
The Virgin Mary you it has all with health and it protects your children in their each step.
You blesses the God.

Expat Mom said...

Kimmie, your house is so beautiful. I just love those wood floors, they look so cozy.

I have to say that your photos of all the family hanging out in the kitchen really made me feel lonely. I wish I had a big bunch of family and friends to invite over and cook with. It looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Merle said...

Hi Kimmie ~~ Lovely to meet you and
congratulations on your lovely family. Thanksgiving looked like great fun with family and friends. Your blog looks lovely. Thanks for your comments, I have seen you at Bob's blog and we have something in common, I have one homegrown son, and 3 adopted kids, another boy then two girls, but they are all grown up now and range in age from 46 to 53 with families of their own
They are all in photo on my header (20 years ago) I love them all to bits. Take care, Love, Merle.

Me said...

Where did you get the mushroom tablecloth?So cute!

jenni said...

What a beautiful family and home you have. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Emily said...

I was actually going to comment on the mushroom cloth. I love it too!

and no night terrors in 9 days.

NINE days. I'm gonna blog that in a day or two. Pretty awesome body of Christ. Several ladies have been praying for her (including you) and God's listening. I can never thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home and family you have. I love the tablecloth and wide plank wood floors. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
God Bless

Kimmie said...


Emily- so glad to hear 9 days no night terrors! Love to hear answers to prayer with Praise!

To all who asked...the tablecloth came from a thrift shop-sorry!


Robin said...

Beautiful home and family. I love reading your blog.
I am also a vegetarian, and my family is not. :)

Shawnda said...

Oh my wow!!!! I LOVE your home!!!! It's SO bright and the ....ahhh!!!! Beautiful! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Angela said...

What a blessed year this has been hasn't it? Your home is lovely. Love the vintage cloth and dishes.



mom said...

It was fun looking at the pictures of your celebration, but what immediately caught my idea was the dishes in the very first picture. I had to run and get of my bowls of a china set I have because I thought it may be the same pattern. It's not, but very close! It was a set that a friend gave me when she moved away. It had been her grandmother's but she had to part with it when she moved and knew it would have a home with our family :-)

Tammy ~@~

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