Nov 25, 2007

Prayer Request Sunday

Any prayer requests? Anything that you would like for me to stand in pray with you on?
I am keeping a prayer journal and would be thrilled to add your need or desire to my prayer time.
I started three weeks ago-and we are already having reports back that God has been answering prayer! Emily's daughter has gone 9 days without night terrors-come on someone say AMEN!
Remember, you can either post your prayer request in the comment section (hey, I bet some others would like to add you to their prayer journals)...or you can email me at
I am so glad that God opened this door to, Prayer request Sundays...the journal has 22 entries and I have been praying day and night for each of you. Isn't it wonderful to take our needs to God together and wait in eager anticipation of His answering them. Personally, I have goosebumps!


Tracie Loux said...

We have received all of the money needed to finalized Elia's adoption!!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Kimmie - I am new to your blog - you found mine today - I know it was the HOly Spirit somehow in that!!! We decided (after getting a sure sign from Our heavenly Father today at Church) to go ahead and begin to adopt Eduardo. It will take a miracle to get all of OUR papers ready, authenticated, and to Guatemala and into PGN by Jan. 1st.

I have that kind of faith and I know that our God is able to do this.

PLEASE pray and agree with me for favor with everyone that looks at our files and this case. Also for wisdom and guidance for us as we find resources to pay for this adoption and to pull off this paper chase in record time.

This is the season for miracles and we are expecting to see one here:)

Thanks for praying for Eduardo and for praying for us:)

Please do not comment on our blog about this - we have LOTS of family left to share the news with - many of them are NOT believers - so that needs prayer too:)

Love to you and yours!


Kimmie said...

Hi Tracie and Julia!

Yahoo glad to hear your praise report! God is good!

Julia-oh, I knew it! Praise God that He is going before you and will work out all of the details. My Knight and I believe that this date of Jan. 1st will disappear and Guatemala will open (with some new safe guards in place)...but with children coming home!


Emily said...


KreativeMix said...

Amen!!!!! No requests here!!! Just praises and hymns today!!!!

Shawnda said...


Kimmie, since you are asking : ), I would love prayer for healing for my body. I have some things going on that you wouldn't want me to share here : ) (seems gross), but could be quite serious. We are still in the investigative stages. Please pray the Lord would heal my body completely. This is a GREAT idea, sister, thanks for doing this!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi- I am new to your blog. I am a mother to 6, 2 of them adopted from Guatemala. We are currently trying to adopt a little boy out of the foster care system who is one year old and HIV+. Please pray for our family, for the child, and that his caseworkers will look favorably upon a family our size... and that if this is God's will He will open all the right doors. Thank you- Amy

Kimmie said...

Hi Amy;

Will certainly pray for your adoption and there is one thing I have learned about foster care...they can make "numbers" work -when they want.

What a blessed little boy...I hope you hear soon!

Of course our God trumps 'them' and if it is His will, He will be yours ;-) May God bless you and keep you as you wait on Him.

my love

Cindy said...

Thanks for praying, Kimmie. You're a gift.

Christin said...

What a sweet idea!

ConservaChick said...

Praise God for these answered prayers! I am a TRUE beleiver in the power of prayer.
Sure, I'll always be the recipient of a "prayer warriors" gift! Would you mind praying for my self control? Seems goofy and childish, but I get into more trouble by not saying no to myself. Heck, I could use a good dose of all the fruits of the spirit! Thanks Kimmie, and God Bless!!!!! ~K

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