Nov 14, 2007

Sweet Poetry

November- 1918 -Wilhelmina Smith
Now the birds have flown
To their winter home
"Neath southern skies so blue
The flowers, leaves and grass
Have said," Good-bye, dear lass,
Good-bye, dear laddie, too."
The winds begin to blow
And whistle for the snow~~~
The winds so wild and free!
The little drops of rain
Roll down the window-pane,
And happy seem to be.
The winds and raindrops help us to remember
That this Thanksgiving month, jolly November.
Because She didn't Think
-1918 by Phoebe Cary
Once a little turkey, fond of her own way,
Wouldn't ask the old ones where to go or stay.
She said, "I am not a baby. Here I am half grown;
Surely I am big enough to run around alone!"
Off she went; but somebody, hiding, saw her pass;
Soon like snow her feather covered all the grass;
So she made a supper for a sly young mink,
'Cause she was so headstrong she wouldn't think.


Nunnie's Attic said...

Awww, the last one kinda made me cry. I swear, if I really thought about where meat comes from (you know not in the cellophane packages at the store) I would be a vegetarian.

But the first one was pretty!


Kimmie said...

Hi Julie;

Sorry about the sadness...funny thing is I am a vegetarian and I thought it was was about the lesson of "I'll do it myself," and what becomes of you in the end.


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