Nov 21, 2007

A trip to the Italian market-typical holiday preparation

Where are we going Mama....?

Got to love the details of this little market-its about a 30 minute drive into the capitol city for us. My handsome Knight has been making the trip since he was a lad, the tradition started with his grandfather Italo. Now me, I am a Hungarian girl- we don't do antipasto like the Italians, but hey give me a plate of cheeses and I am a happy girl. (there are also lots of meats, but I leave all the meat for everyone else to enjoy ;-)

The holiday wouldn't be the same without all the Italian goodies-we will take one of each, right?

Today was our first snow, which meant no one else ventured out to the market. Usually we have an hour wait at the counter- we need our antipasto fixings!

Can you say yum!

Need an Italian cooking gadget?

Princess Sunshine (8) was selected to join Mama and Papa this time- she escaped her normal school work and was the only child in the market. She was in heaven (me too) can you tell?

We can't go home without some red pie- we also grabbed two loaves of bread for dinner (hey 12 slices of red pie isn't quite enough here)...we picked up some bread dipping sauce and we can't wait for Papa to come home tonight!

What kind of traditions do you have? Be blessed and have a wonderful Thanks-Giving -celebration tomorrow! God is amazingly good~Buon Appetito!


javamamma said...

Wow, I would love to experience Thanksgiving at your house! We are plain, ol' traditional Americans. Turkey, pumpkin pie and potatoes...lots and lots of potatoes!

Amy said...

I want to first tell you how much I love coming to visit. Your blog is just beautiful. Not only in pictures, but with words. I smile, I laugh and I cry. I'm not always able to leave comments because I have dial up and sometimes it just doesn't cooperate!

Your family is just so beautiful and your heart for your kids just brings me such joy. We adopted out three kids (siblings) and I would love to have twenty more! I am thankful to God everyday that He allowed us the privilege of raising our kids.

I think and pray for your family often. Sandi's story has left me bawling today. I can't even imagine, but I know His timing is perfect and His plan is too!

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily said...

I know she's adopted, but your daughter has a bit of your husband in her! What a great thing to do. document a tradition. :)


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

julie said...

Well, that does look like so much fun. What a great tradition.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow with your beautiful family.


Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

That food sounds so yummy. You're making me hungry!

BJ said...

I am a very dedicated reader, and I just have to say how much I enjoy your blog. Your family is so amazing! We are considering adoption in the future, and I get so excited thinking about it as I read your stories. What a great Thanksgiving tradition, and you can tell your daughter is loving the time alone with you and Daddy. Enjoy your celebration today (as a Canadian, we celebrated in October), and God bless you abundantly!

blue thistle books said...

Hi sweet friend! How was your day and your antipasto? I just love your photos of the market and I will have to go next time I make antipasto to pick up my ingredients. Is Mozzicato's still open? I heard they were closing. A rumor someone heard on the news. Sad, very sad if true.

Anyway, what a gorgeous day huh? Were you able to relax and get outside? I hope so.

Ok, time to finish clean up. Stanley Steemer is coming in the AM. Talk to you soon!


Lovella said...

Oh the trip to the Italian market was so fun. I don't have a speck of Italian blood in me but you'd never know it the way I love Italian food.
Snow on Thanksgiving. Picture perfect.

Anonymous said...

That shop sounds amazing. I have never seen an Italian market so big. Near us there is a teeny little Italian deli that is cramped and crowded but full of the most amazing smells and products.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Expat Mom said...

Kimmie, your daughter is so beautiful! I love those photos of her solo trip with her parents, kids love that!

PS. Your package got off a tad late . . . and when I got to the post office, I realized I´d forgotten to bring paper for a note! So please excuse the notelessness. :)

Tracy said...

How special that your daughter got to have this time with the two of you...she looks so happy! I love it! Happy THanksgiving!

Shawnda said...

That is SO fun!!! I didn't realize you were Hungarian! My husband is too! : )

Is that REALLY snow on the ground?!!!!!

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