Nov 14, 2007

update on prayer request (Sandi)

Here is the latest I have from my girlfriend Barb...keep praying!

Hi Everyone,

Just got an update. The US Consulate did give Sandi the visa for baby Hannah. They will be coming home to the states on Saturday as planned. She is traveling with a couple of other families who have been wonderful to her.

Her brother will meet her in Tokyo. He couldn't get a visa and flight quick enough to China. No visa needed for Tokyo I guess, so he will meet her there and travel the rest of the way with her.

Continue to pray for her. She has a long road ahead of her. Thank you for all the prayers you have offered up already.



Tracie Loux said...

Oh I am sooooo rejoicing that she found favor!
And will continue to pray for her heart in this season.

Stacy said...

what a tragedy. i cannot even imagine.
i will pray for her.


Lovella said...

I just popped back tonight to see if there was any word. They've been on my heart. I'll continue to pray.

EEEEMommy said...

What a blessing that she did not have to endure two tragedies in such a short time, but the road in front of her is still beset with challenges as a single mom.
I will continue praying!

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