Dec 14, 2007

Ask away -part 2

This week whipped by, the snow was the frosting on my children's week for sure. I thought I would get to the next questions in this -ASK ME post-to finish up what I had left untouched.

....Question 6 by Anonymous...

How did you meet the love of your life (Jesus)?

Well, as Lovella so kindly pointed out, back in May 21st, I touched on this.

I came to know the Lord as a preteen, after practicing witchcraft with my family-my grandfather had been murdered and my mom wanted to "contact him." She didn't know anything about God, but let me tell you those demons are all to eager to help you connect to them (them meaning demons and not your dead relatives). ...I never capitalize satan or devil...he isn't worthy of the recognition! ...

My mom suffered a nervous breakdown, which brought her to her knees. God guided her to a church that preached the gospel (salvation through the confession of sin, repentance and forgiveness through the blood shed by Jesus). She asked Jesus to come into her heart and by God's grace I followed in her footsteps.

-a little off topic but as an added bonus for your patient wait for part 2: At 13 I heard God speak to me for the first time. He told me he wanted me to adopt children. I said, "Yes, Lord." and meant it. On my second date with my, 'To-be-Knight,' (me-age 15 Knight age 19) I told him I had vowed with the Lord to adopt children...I told him if adoption wasn't in his future then I wasn't the 'girl' for him.

A little gutsy, huh? 5 years later we were married.

Question #7 by Greta Jo

What is your ideal career?

Being a mom-God willing to as many children as he would entrust me with. (I am reading about Rolland and Heidi Baker who have 2,000 orphans that call them Mama and Papa in Africa- my heart dances at this! Send me (us)Lord!)

As a newly saved girl my hearts desire was to be a Missionary/teacher. My heart is still for the lost and I pray that God daily give me opportunities to lead those who don't know Him into a personal relationship with Him, use me Lord.

If you could be a fly on a wall, who's wall would it be?

Oh without a doubt, George Müller. He ran orphanages in England- by faith, relying on God to be his (and their) provision. To me this is my heart's desire, have you heard of him???? He is a man that received from the very hand of God daily!

Question #8 by Mommaofmany

What does your week menu look like?

Well, the cat is out of the bag, I don't have a menu, much less a recipe for anything! I am a create it as you go kinda girl-I love natural, wholesome, simple food, as does my family.

We eat lots of fruits and veggies, I belong to a food co-op and we get lots of yummy wholesome food monthly, by the case. One of our favorite things is Greek yogurt- yum! Our favorite kind is honey flavoured Greek yogurt (Kostas are you reading this?! Kostas lives in Greece and has an apiary!)

We have two vegetarians in our family (me and my oldest) and the rest who we lovingly refer to as the 'Meat~heads.' ;-) There is a mixture of vegetarian and meat during the week to keep everyone happy. We meet in the middle with our love of Cheese, olive oil and bread, you know the trinity of a good diet!)

The joke is here that if it is great, enjoy it, chances are it will never come out the same again- to which I wink and laugh, I wouldn't have it any other way, as it is just who I am.
The end~thanks so much for asking!


BJ @ said...

Hey! First of all, I've always had a heart for adoption. I'm really curious as to how that will play out for us. Secondly, I love the story of George Mueller! I studied him in school, and have never forgotten. And thirdly, we are really good friends with a young man who spent some time at the Bakers orphanage in Mozambique! Small world.

BJ said...

Oh, and I am interested in some sites on adoption - advice, agencies, etc. Any suggestions?

Kimmie said...

Hey bj-

I'd recommend you start with prayer...your best connection is the Holy Spirit!

We are currently using All God's Children (on my sidebar their is a link)

and I think Bethany Christian Services is awesome too...

but really God knows where your child/children are and how (which agency) is the means in which to get them! Seek Him and He will guide you.

blessings to you!


Stacy said...

Dear Kimmie,
I just love you so much. It's been great fun reading all your responses.

And: we got your Christmas letter and picture in the mail today and as I was opening it, I said to the kids: "Oh! I can't wait to see their picture! Theirs is one of my favorite pictures to get each year!" And it did not disappoint. Great photo of your beautiful family!
And don't you know that it's the 3rd year running that we've exchanged cards? Goodness! I sure love you, Kimmie- and I'm glad we met on the AGCI listserve! :)

Love and prayers for you and yours,

Amrita said...

Good to get to know you some more Kimmie.
How the Lord saves His choosen ones is amazing.

I likew your choice of healthy food. Same here.

May the Lord give you the desires of your heart.

Emily said...

Your (and your moms) coming to know Jesus story was AWESOME.

I love big stories like that. And that you told your knight to be that if he didn't dig the adoption idea....he wasn't for you.

way to stand by your convictions. Young girls sometimes have a hard time with that. I applaud it when I see it!

Anonymous said...

What you said is true-we must always pray to God because He alone has written our story. Blessings, Rose

Expat Mom said...

I love hearing about how you met your Knight and God. Very interesting to hear the background.

I had to laugh when you say that your family has to enjoy the food right then because it never turns out the same. My mom used to make these amazing dishes and my dad would say, "Oh, that was incredible. You can make that again!" and my mom would say, "Um, I don´t think I can, I have no idea how I did it!"

I think I have her genes in the cooking department, because I just grab stuff from the fridge and start cooking and things that turn out are never to be replicated. :D

Genesis, aka

Greta Jo said...

Excellent answers. You sure are blessed with a heart of helping, love and kindness.
What an true inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this post. Your salvation story is inspirational.

I too seem incapable of following a recipe. People are always asking how I make something, so I give them the recipe with the proviso that that's not how I actually made it!


Sniz said...

I loved this post...what a powerful story! That is so cool about you and your mom. I'd love to hear the whole story about how you know that about demons. And cool how you and your knight met and got married and both of your hearts for the lost.

Lovella said...

Oh Kimmie, you are so dear. Your way of telling your life is so real and that is one of the things that keeps me coming back.

blue thistle books said... many more tidbits about you sweet friend! See..if I had read this before this morning I would have realized you were a vegetarian! I'm so slow..forgive me.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas day and I'm sorry we missed you on the way out!

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