Dec 6, 2007

Ask away?!

I guess I am feeling the need to change things up a bit. I am feeling like things need a change on this old blog...a redecoration of sorts. Something different and fun, you know?

Usually I share about my faith, my kids, my doings an occasional homeschool post...would you like to ask me something? Is there something I haven't shared that you'd like to know? I think I am hoping to liven things up a bit. Perhaps it is because I feel a little down with the Guatemalan program news (shut-down), though last night we were told we are #9 on the girls wait list. (If there was a program or referrals this would be dancing material! But as there isn't and we just don't know...)

Someone ask...take my mind off it.
Though of course I'd be happy to answer questions about adoption. I am desperately hoping to be a woman God can use to impact and influence others~for his Glory.

Come on...ask away!


javamamma said...

My traditional question....
What does a typical day look like at your house? What time do you rise - what time do you crash? What about your kiddos?

Emily said...

I asked Cindy this and I liked her answer....

if you had $100 to spend ONLY on yourself. What would you buy. (no fair spending it on hubby or kids...just you.)

Cindy said...

What makes you laugh- BIG laugh?
What's your favorite sandwich?

:) Can't wait to read you answers!

I don't see a need to liven your blog up, though. You are inspiring every single post. You are gentle and humble and wise and I LOVE coming here.

Sniz said...

How did you meet your husband?

Lovella said...

I wondered about the answer ot #5 on your May 21 post and decided you must have told us this and sure enough when I looked . .there it is.

So . .
lets see . . .

um . .

oh . .java mamma got that one. . .

Did you tell us about your engagement story?
This is a really fun post. oh . .
and you definately don't need to liven up your blog.

Anonymous said...

How did you meet the love of your life (Jesus)? What's the best gift that you've ever given. The one that you just could not wait to see the recipient open.

I love your site, but I know what you mean about sometimes needing a change. We as women love to make things beautiful, even if it is a blog ;)

Naturegirl said...

I am taking a look at your beautiful
children on your sidebar..Blessing to you and your family!hugs NG

Greta Jo said...

What is your ideal career?
If you could do anything you wanted for one night what would it be?
If you could be a fly on the wall, who's wall would you be on?

Can't wait to read your answers.

MommaofMany said...

I'd like to see a sample of your week's menu-with some favorite recipes!


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