Dec 11, 2007

A little unstitchin' at home

For those who are squeamish, you might want to skip to the next post.
We decided, as requested, to remove our little tike's stitches at home. Yup, you heard me right, at home. We sterilized our equipment, cleaned the area, turned up the lights, plopped the cute boy on the counter and the surgery began!
King Meemer (5) was so eager, he kept asking me all day if I could take them out. I opted for the Papa to come home, as it was definitely not something I felt like tackling alone, though we had done it before and it isn't anything that is difficult. They actually gave us the directions at the hospital, though they also said, we could come back there or go to our pediatricians office. Going back to the emergency room, well, a no brainer there, and the pediatricians office is far from warm and friendly these days- yes, I do plan to interview a new family doctor after Christmas.

Not one whimper, and just one 'ouch!' All gone, let's say pray no more, EVER! Mr. King Meemer smiled all the way through, I kid you not, the boy is brave and HANDSOME!

Who ever said that being parents was boring? It certainly wasn't my Knight or I, we feel like we are constantly in the midst of drama of one kind or another, ever feel the same or is it just me?

5 stitches (on the outside) boy-loaded with trust for his new Papa and Mama and happy to have his head healing up nicely! Drama over for today anyway.


javamamma said...

I feel the same about return visits to the doc. 6-week check after having a baby? Nah, what for?

Glad your guy's doing so well. He's such a cutie!

Tracy said...

Good for you. I'm an EMT so I thought your pictures were pretty cool. :) My friend just did her son's at home too.

Quinne said...

Whew, Kimmie! I have to admit that I flew by the pictures, but I am overjoyed to wish your sweetie boy a "Happy Un-Stitching Day" :) Love, Q

KOSTAS said...

Only a king, in the improbable world of fairy tales of Mr King Meemer, could grins when he has in forehead 5 sutures.
Really your own King Meemer faced with grin and big sang-froid the make, this characterizes, a patient and very good soul, but also a tomorrow's strong man.
Him protects always the Virgin Mary.

Emily said...

your little man was the picture of trust in those.

wtg mom and dad1

BittersweetPunkin said...

Wow Kimmie...I am impressed!! Gee maybe I should've gotten instructions on how to take my son's staples out of his head...I prolly would've saved a bundle!! LOL...well...some things I guess are better off being left to professionals (like removing staples).

How wonderful that he sat still for you!!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Wow - you actually have equipment!

I'm so glad it's healing nicely. I used to work in customer service for an insurance company and I would always suggest going to the doc rather than the ER to have the stitches removed. 9 times out of 10 the insurance company won't cover that. Follow-up (including stitches removal) should be through the physician's office. Just keep that in mind.

And you're right. He is handsome!


julie said...

What a brave boy you have there. Great job by all of you.

Shawnda said...

BRAVE and HANDSOME is right! : ) Great job!!!

Amrita said...

You all were so brave to do this...King M was so good. I could never do this. My elder sister is good at it.

Sheila said...

Wow, didn't that hurt? Tough little man you've got there! He looks like he couldn't care less :-)
the Netherlands

Michelle said...

After watching stitches be removed on on of my kiddos, I said if (pray never) anyone gets stitches again, I'd be doing the removal. I couldn't believe how fast the doctor did it...and how robbed I felt of my $25 co-pay:-)


Sniz said...

I've been catching up on all these great posts! He is SUCH a trooper and you are too to attempt this. I can't believe he actually smiled. Did he have any pain?

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