Dec 18, 2007

My sweet friend Sharon...adopting as we speak

Hi friends- as I know some of you are interested in our adoption...and as we are temporarily sitting with no adoption news ....thought I'd share the amazing things God is doing in my sweet friend Sharon's family.

I met Sharon 3 years ago-through a class our kids were taking. We also attended a women's bible study together. She now lives many hours away- I miss her so!

This is Sharon and Mike's 5th adoption- she is new to blog world...only a few days old! She jumped in to share the end of their adoption to China...they are there right NOW- flip over there and see what God is up to in their family. The posts began last week when they headed to China to pick up their beautiful new daughter....

Sharon is the kindest, sweetest, loving person you could meet and one you would definitely want for a friend. A true beauty both inside and out.... I am happy to share her with you-someone so sweet shouldn't be horded to oneself ;-) You can bookmark them for yourselves or jump from the bookmarked list on my sidebar to enjoy her awesome family.

I am sure Sharon will inspire you too!

I hope Sharon shares more about all of her children, they are pretty incredible kids...she now has 8...three homemade and now 5 (praise God) adopted! A woman after my own heart-if you are reading this you want to start an orphanage with me? (where we get to keep them all?!)


Amrita said...

God bless you both Kimmie and Sharon for adopting babies and investing into their lives.

I have an adopted sister, who is married to a great Christian and has a 6 yr old son.

Jenni said...

How fantastic! I was just over at Laura's blog and reading about how she is even at this moment picking up her new baby boy!

So much to praise Jesus for, just in time for His birthday.

Sondra said...

How wonderful for Sharon! I know God is just waiting on the right moment for you. Great things come to those who wait :)
You are so sweet to be thinking about me and your timing is just right. I am going to another specialist on Friday. I really feel like this is going to be the doctor that gives me the answers I am looking for. I am a little nervous about this certain dr. and have been praying for God's peace about seeing him. I will be blogging more about my health issues after the holiday.

Amy said...

I'm already in love with this family! Their new daughter looks so happy, doesn't she? God is so good!!

Michelle said...

Can I join you in starting that orphanage?

I've spent much time dreaming about selling it all, and moving the whole family to a place where we could care for orphans.

That's what I want to do when I grow up.

MiaJ said...

I love your blog-your family is so precious!

Amrita said...

Dear Kimmie have you read about Amy Carmichael? She started an orphange for abandoned girls and temple prostitutes in S. India.

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