Dec 2, 2007

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday~I am excited to see how God is going to direct me to pray this week. I continue to hold those up who have written in a request this past month- can't wait to hear more of those praise reports.
God hears our prayers and answers us, how awesome is that? I am so eager to hear from each of you- please don't hesitate to ask me to stand with you and your need. The devil would tell you it is insignificant, or discourage you to not step out- he is a liar and he has no good plans and purposes for your life. Let us go together to God's throne, let us advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. May God use our lives to bring Himself glory, as we bring our needs to Him and He answers them- this brings us to Praising Him. Our God wants our hearts, He wants our praise, He wants our worship-I'm ready and willing, are you?
Tomorrow I will be posting an answer to prayer in my own life- come back and see how God works- I'm so excited~ I can hardly wait!!
As the angels of long ago sang out and still sing out today~ Glory to God in the highest...


KOSTAS said...

The one, that reports with love, the name of God, is blessed.

Stacy said...

I think it's wonderful you're doing this. And I would love for you to pray.

Specifically, that our social worker would work on getting our foster license *DONE*. Everytime I've spoken with her, she says "it will take a couple of weeks." Those "couple" have turned into "several" and I just resolved yesterday to begin to pray more diligently for MOVEMENT on that front. So, will you join with me in prayer for a foster license?

Love you, friend.


Nunnie's Attic said...

I love that you pray for others, for me. You are a gentle and sweet woman. And I know God finds favor in your heart. Please continue to pray for me and my family. And if you would also pray for my best friend's nephew I would be most appreciative. He was in a terrible accident 6 mos ago and the doctors gave little hope if any. He was making a remarkable recovery, astounding every doctor on his case. But he has suffered a set back. I have pure faith that if it was God's intention to take him, he would have done so long ago. But he needs all the prayers can we offer for him. Thank you, Kimmie for praying him.


Shawnda said...

Hey Kimmie! : ) I was just thinking of you today! I love that you do this!!! Says a lot about who the Lord has made you!!!

I'm coming again to ask for prayer...a little more detail this time!! I'm having lower GI and upper GI issues. I have a colonoscopy (I don't even like the word!!!) and they will look in my stomach during the same procedure - scheduled for Dec 18th. Please pray for healing for my body and for wisdom and discernment for the Dr's! They have me on a "regimen" in the mean time that is making me rather uncomfortable : (.

I'm also taking my daughter to the ENT tomorrow. She has a mass in her ear (that they thought was a tumor over the summer), but God HEALED her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went in for her pre-op visit and the mass had shrunk! The ENT (who also loves Jesus) looked at me, and said "Shawnda, tumors do not shrink!". It was amazing! All that to say, I noticed something blocking her ear canal again on Friday. They got us in pretty quickly - tomorrow. Please pray that it's NOTHING, wax, or something simple!

Thanks so much, Kimmie! can we pray for YOU? Can you post something??!!! : )

Naturegirl said...

Kimmie oh yes the power of prayer is so important! I had so many within the blog community pray for me while I recovered from shingles and day by day I felt stronger! Here I am 4 months later feeling that I have survived!I have so many reasons to be thankfull and of course prayer is part of my daily life! I am so please to have met you!Thank you for commenting on my blog!! P.S. I post many photos of nature the children may love to view!
We normally do get ((SNOW)) in my part of the globe and this year we are told it will be the (((COLDEST)) in 15 yrs!! blessings

Christin said...

Awesome. I look forward to hearing your answered prayer!

More Lord! Release the Atmosphere of Heaven here on Earth.

julie said...

Hi Kimmy,

I would feel so blessed if you would pray for my little girl Paige? She has some developmental delays and we are trying to find answers and the correct treatments for her condition. Our entire family would truly appreciate your prayers.

I can't wait to hear your news my friend.


Anonymous said...

Kimmie, could you pray for our family, and especially my mum, as this is our first Christmas without my dad. He died from cancer earlier this year. Thank you so much.



Alice said...

What a beautiful blog you have, so full of love. I do have a prayer request for my neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Miller. He has been suffering terribly with alzheimer's disease and now has gone to a nursing home. She tries so hard to keep her spirits up. I would really appreciate your praying for them.

Donna said...

Would you please pray that my husband would be open to adopting again, specifically older children?

Thank you...


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