Dec 16, 2007

Prayer Request Sunday

Happy Sunday! We have had a wonderful day of rest. We got the heads up last night that church would be closed (due to a snow/ice storm). We had the luxury of sleeping in-my Knight and I actually slept until 10 am, two kids slept until 9:30 (13 and 8 yo) and the rest woke up after 10 am! This is the 2nd time in 12 years that we have had this happen. We enjoyed the slow pace and family time together.

We were actually sad with the timing, as it was our week at church to light the advent candles before the congregation, guess we will have to wait to next year. This would have consisted of my Knight lighting 3 purple candles,all of us reciting John 8:12...Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world, he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." ...

Then my Princess Sunshine (8)

would have said, "Why do we light 3 candles?" ...

and my 16 year old would have said, "The first candle is a symbol of the light of hope that the prophets had in their expectation of a Messiah.

The second candle reminds us of the dark night when Joseph and Mary found light and warmth in the stable.

The third candle reminds us of the great light and joy which surrounded the shepherds at the announcement of Jesus' birth."

My handsome Knight would have read Luke 2:8-20

and Princess Fazzdike (13) would have said,"Please stand and sing with us, Angels We Have Heard On High."

You might have noticed that I don't say much, good observation...I have had more of a speaking roll in the past, but honestly it's not my thing, so I gladly passed the torch, so to speak to my older children. We have about 200 people at this service normally!

Can I pray for anyone this week? There is nothing too small to bring to our God, so feel free to leave a comment or email me your prayer request. Be blessed my sweet friends.


Anonymous said...

I just love that you are doing this! I have been hearing God whispering to me, "come away with me to a quiet place," He says. My heart longs to do this on a more frequent and consistent basis. Would you pray that I would carve out some time and that my husband would honor God's call to me. Thank you, so much, Kimmie!

God Bless you,
Julie S.

Shawnda said...

OK, Kimmie! The big procedure is this wk! I have prep starting at 2pm tomorrow till night time. Then we go to the hospital at 5:30 on Tues morning. I've heard the prep is the WORST part. Will you please pray for me tomorrow during this AND that the Dr's would be given wisdom from our Lord?! Thanks SO much, sister!!!! How's YOUR heart??? Been praying for you!

Amrita said...

A blessed holy time with the family.
I am so glad you talk about going to church.Good example of faith.
The Prinees and Princesses are so sweet.God bless you all.

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) I am so glad that you and your precious family had a lovely, cozy day! Aren't those unexpected gifts from the Father just the best? Love, Q

Shawnda, I prayed for you when I read your note. Love to you, Q

Terpsichore E. M. said...

Hi Kimmie
I'm so impressed with what you are doing.
This is so lovely. You look beautiful and your kids look happy.
You're lucky. Bless you.
Greetings from Portugal

Jane said...

Hi Kimmie,

I have stopped in on several occasions - but never commented. I like your blog. I think it is neat to ask for prayer requests. Thanks for being so giving of yourself.

We too are in the process of adopting and it is going soooo slow. I am totally content with the children God has blessed us with - but pray that if He has a child - or children somewhere out there that we could love - our home and hearts are open for Him to use.

Thanks for your blog.


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