Dec 20, 2007

Simple celebrations

The suddenlies of God are sometimes hard to explain in proper detail-sometimes He sneaks up and blesses you beyond what you could imagine. This year has been particularly full with me being stretched in so many areas, times when I didn't feel like lifting my head and wondering if God had somehow forgotten me. (I know, I know-but I am sharing honestly)

Then out of nowhere, God snuck up and dropped Hallie into my life. She is such an encourager, such a great listener, and blesses me just by 'wanting' to be my friend. I so enjoy her company and know that she was sent for such a time as this.

Hallie and I continue to be amazed on how much we have in common, things that make us both shake our heads, as we thought we were the only one that 'thought that.' We discovered shortly before Thanksgiving that we even go to the same Christmas tree obscure out of the way drive. I have gone here since I was a wee lass and Hallie has a similar story...who knew? (hint, God) Now this wouldn't seem like a big deal, but oh it is...this is a place that holds tender memories for both of us and only God could bless us both with this. We even managed to go together this year. Us and our families...giggling, laughing, freezing, searching for the perfect tree, cutting, hauling the trees down the hill in the cute red cart, drinking cider and cherishing how God is moving in MY life.

Hallie is a gift, she probably doesn't know it...but I will send this to her to unwrap and I hope she is touched by the heart of God for her (and me.) You see, I keep telling her our God is a God of detail, He isn't only in the Big things all around us, but in the tiny details that plop you in a place where you can fall to your knees and thank the Lord from the bottom of your heart. He knows what will bless you, when you don't even know, or are too afraid to ask- too afraid to believe that it could even happen in your life.

Our God is loving, kind hearted and searches too and fro this earth looking for someone whom He can bless...blessed I am indeed!

(Hallie sent me this from her pictures...her camera captured it too...a God moment!)


Greta Jo said...

What a great post. I love the photos.

Cindy said...

I want a copy of that last photo.
It is an answer to MANY prayers I lifted up. I distinctly remember laying in bed many nights in a row, begging God to bring Hallie someone who would love her the way she should be loved.

This post made me cry. A lot. And praise. A lot.

blue thistle books said...

Dear Kimmie,

You have blessed me beyond measure! I thank God everyday for you and for using sweet Cindy to bring you into my life. You will never know how thankful I am to be a part of your lives. When God brings people together it is always a perfect match, as you already know.

I thank God that he has given me the perfect patient godly friend, that understands the insane schedule of a single mommy and still wants to be my friend, is there to listen, pray and come beside me when I'm down, makes me laugh hysterically ALL THE TIME, leads me God's way, and has adopted my single self and wee ones directly into her family and heart! Oh and...has a husband that is sweet enough to cut down our tree too! It doesn't get much better than that here on this earth! Now that is a friend and I only hope that by watching you, I will learn how to be just as good a friend as you are to me.

I love you! And Cindy I love you too..sniff, sniff...time to go and find the Kleenex.

Lovella said...

Celebrating the gift of friendship is so very special. I love the pictures.

Linda said...

It's wonderful to have found such a true friend. You are both truly blessed.
Enjoyed seeing all the great pictures. Linda

BittersweetPunkin said...

I enjoyed all your photos of getting the tree...the smiling faces but WOW those last few were very powerful! How blessed you are!Yes..the Lord does pick our friends...He knows whats best for us!

Emily said...

wow. Kleenex indeed! God sure orchestrated that one, huh?

Expat Mom said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time together at the tree farm! I´m so glad you have such a great friend in Hallie. :D

Shawnda said...

This post made me cry...still crying! I have longed for that kindred spirit in my life. I have 2 of these precious friendships, but they are MANY miles away. We talk regularly, but it's just not the same as living life together. I am DEEPLY thankful for them, even through the distance, but I have cried many a tear wanting this in my present life....and leaving many meetings with women feeling totally misunderstood, and not wanting to try anymore!

BUT THIS POST gives me JOY for YOU and HOPE for me! : ) I love, love, love hearing these kinds of friendships! Thank you SO much for sharing the joy of yours!!!

KOSTAS said...

Most excellent post, but:
Familial moments full love, happiness and joy.
Thus you remain always.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Kimmie, Kirstie here I found you through Karla's Cottage, you posted a comment on her blog, can we get those chrissy trees here in Australia, well Kmart is having a 50% sale on chrissy decorations, and the large chrissy trees are $2.99 and the small comes in a pack of 3 and they are .99c great buy, if you dont live near a Kmart I am more then happy to get some for you, I know my Kmart is out of the small but still have the large, I am going to Northland shopping center today to see if I can get some there, so if you would like , I am more then happy to help you.

Christmas Blessings

julie said...

How sweet it is to have God send you a special friend. That was a very sweet post.

Merry Christmas,

Amrita said...

The photos are so lovely Kimmie. Good to have such a dear friend. God bless you both.

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