Dec 13, 2007

A snow day becomes a sew day! (a tutorial of sorts)

Our first snow day and as everything we had set for today got cancelled;
Women's Bible Study
Homeschool Group Christmas Party
Kid's Club Party
I am a FREE woman, well if a woman who has 7 kids could be free. For those of you who are counting, yes I have one extra child today. My girlfriend, Beth, left her 6 year old here, as she had a job interpreting for a deaf college student this morning. I got all the kids busy with some of their lessons and then ran for my new baby.
It is amazing how quick they can work when you say the words "snow and play.' They stayed focused and it gave me the time I needed to finish a pair of mittens and a rolling pin cover for my naked silicone rolling pin.
If you want to make this, here is what you will need.
  • a scrap of fabric that makes your heart sing (hey, life is short!)
  • matching thread
  • a sewing machine, but of course you could do this by hand too
  • ribbon, cording or make yourself a drawstring out of coordinating fabric

Start with a piece of fabric that is wider and longer than your object it will be covering. I didn't measure, as that would be MATH and I have the morning OFF!

I stitched down both long sides.

I rolled over my top and bottom edges (an iron would be good here, but I am having a day 'OFF'!)

Roll it again and now you have a nice edge for your casement, sew, baby, sew. Do the same for the other short end or if you don't want both ends with a drawstring, you could do one and sew the other end up. Your casement size is determined by what you will later be threading through.

Here you can see, the casement has a nice finished edge and the long side is rough, but that will be inside.

Place pretty sides of fabric facing each other. Sew the side seam, but be don't want to sew over the casement at the top or bottom or you won't be able to fit your drawstring through later. My pink pin reminds me to stop before the casement. *casement is a tube that will allow you to thread your drawstring through it. ;-)

I had a wee bit of piping left over from an old project, I like the color and I am all about recycling. The pin acts as a needle to guide you through the casement. You could use a ribbon, cording or you could make your own drawstring with a long piece of fabric. (if you need help with that send me a note.)

Hey, isn't she Purdy? All warm and cozy now, ready for the drawer. I am sure the things in the drawer will notice they are naked and she is not!

Finished...time about 15 minutes- even with 7 kids who wandered in during the process.

Little Miss Sunshine (8) is my baker, she was happy to give the new rolling pin cover a little handshake. (see that look, it is, " Mama, can we bake today?")


javamamma said...

Very cool. I love snow days....well, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post! Is that your little girl? She's cute. You can do so many thing at home when it snows-it's amazing. Check out my blog -I posted my daughters knitting projects. Blessings, Rose

Emily said...

Hey, I had yet another snow day too! I practice guitar. That made my 'heart sing'. I had no fabric to play with. :)

The Rose Room said...

What a great idea. Your children are all so beautiful. Merry Christmas and Blessings, Rachael:)

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

It's beautiful! You are very talented.

blue thistle books said...

I love your new cover and your post, which made me giggle! No "MATH", funny! You are giving me the desire to sew....sort of. I'm so glad you had the day off to stay in and be cozy and crafty. We did the same and now they are outside with a spray bottle full of food coloring making pretty snow!

I miss you! I hope to see you soon, if the weather cooperates. I hear Saturday is looking iffy.

Happy shoveling!


Amrita said...

Lovely creative work and Miss Sunshine looks so sweet holding it. Take care.

Everything gets cancelled when we are having rainy weather or when its too hot, or when there is power outage here.

Mrs. I. said...

Kimmie, I thought of your family as I read the newspaper last night. There was a short article that said that Guatemalan legislators approved a new law Tuesday to tighten adoptions, while allowing pending adoptions to go through without meeting the stricter requirements. That sounded like a Praise to me!! I'm praying that you have positive news VERY SOON!! God Bless!

P.S. I'm going to add an address for a web site of Kate Snodgrass. She is a mother of 3 young boys and she underwent brain surgery on Wed. The more people praying, the better!

Christin said...

Okay, Proverbs 31 woman. You rock.

Now...pass some of that snow MY way, will ya?

Kimmie said...

Dear Mrs. I-

Oh, I'd be happy to pray for Kate-when I was a girl I had an uncle who had brain surgery...he is well and 2 years ago adopted twins from China (he is in his 50's I think).

The news for us is NOT good, as we never received a referral for a child, so we are NOT grandfathered in.(though our paperwork is in Guatemala)

We will decide I think in March if we will hang on in Guatemala or switch to another country (probably Ethiopia, as our countries are limited with 6 children still at home. ;-(

Thank you for coming by- thanks so much for thinking of us too!


Bren said...

Great sewing project Kimmie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My 2 youngest are adopted through foster care also. Your blog looks full of wonderful posts...I will need to come back and browse!

randi---i have to say said...

Very cute cover for the rolling pin! But your model? She is simply adorable. How could you not bake with her?

Christine said...

How nice. What a lovely family you have. I have adopted four children too, but not all at once. :)

Merry Christmas!

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