Jan 13, 2008

I apologize about arriving so late for Prayer Request Sunday...I had a busy day and just now had enough time to post. This is my 8th week praying and keeping a prayer journal full of your needs. I'd love to hear from you in regards with what God is doing in your lives. I encourage you to leave your prayer request in the comments (or send me an email) and then PLEASE return if you feel like you have heard from heaven. We'd all be encouraged by your sharing-so please come back and share if your need/request has been answered.

This week I am planning on posting a blog giveaway, related to~ hearing from God. I'd love to have you come back and leave me a comment in the, 'GIVEAWAY" post...a comment will enter you. *make sure I have a way of contacting you once the winner is announced at the end of the month....

Be blessed and walk in joy!


Greta Jo said...

My girlfriends infant boy (4 months old) died in his sleep yesterday. The death is under investigation however at this time they believe he died for SIDS.

Please pray.

Kimmie said...

Hi Greta Jo;

I am so sorry and will certainly lift her up. My heart aches for her. I pray that God will hold her close and give her strength to lift her head.


Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I actually have two prayer requests, the first is our daughter-in-love's dad who has undergone heart surgery and needs a touch from God. The other is for our daughter and son-in-love, they came to see us this afternoon to tell us that they feel God is leading them to become houseparents for a ministry to troubled youths. This may mean they would be moving away, please pray for direction for them.
Thank you so much!

Randi said...

I will be praying for Greta Jo's friend too. That is just so sad.

Please keep my daughter, Emily in your prayers. She is unsaved and I think that God is drawing her to Him at this point. She is really struggling right now, but she is also open to hearing about Him and she is listening more than she has in the last couple of years.

Thanks, Kimmie!

Sacramento said...

Hi Kimmie! I just found your blog and wanted to stop in and say "Hello". I was going through profiles and came across yours. DH is coming home from church soon, I am sick in bed...I'll come back later when I have more time (I'll try to mark this spot somehow)...or visit me at www.McNeilWheel.blogspot.comand leave your name or comment so I can come back to this blog (Since I'll have your name). It's a good idea, having a prayer request post. I like that. I might borrow your idea, if you don't mind. :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kimmie...you are so thoughtful and kind...I love coming to your blog..it's so uplifting and I can feel Him every time I visit you!
God Bless you!

Kimmie said...

Hi Velvia and Randi;

I will be praying for you. God has got your loved ones (and their loved ones) in His hands.

Velvia-will be praying for healing for your daughter-in-laws dad and that your daughter would hear God clearly and you would have peace and joy.

Randi-praying for Emily...praying that during the struggle that she will lift her eyes and heart to God. I pray that He would bring strong believers into her life and that she would look at them and see and hear Him. Praying that salvation comes, that the things she wasn't yet ready to release would suddenly lose their hold and that the eyes of her heart would be open for His gently, but dramatic touch. Praying also for a desire to come to church to worship and grow in her understanding (and LOVE!)

hugs to both of you!


Michelle said...

Could you add our oldest son to your list? Last week we took him to a 13 month faith based treatment facility. I will be adding specific prayer requests to my blog as we hear more about his progress.

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