Jan 18, 2008

Knitting ala Pirate Jacky...

Some of you had asked for a peak at Miss Pirate Jacky's (16) knitting projects, which currently entail her use of circular knitting needles. She taught herself how to use the circular needles, as her Mama (me) has a stash of all sorts of needles (thank you freecycle.com), but didn't have a clue as to how to use them.
She has completed 5 hats now-all gifts to her friends and siblings. I have only snapped shots of 2 of them, I know bad Mama.
For a bonus, I threw in a shot of the earrings she made me out of a Blue Sky soda can. I bought a case of the soda from my food co-op, as seeing the name makes me a little giddy! What a honey she is, as she knows the name, Blue Sky, makes my heart sing. It is my favorite name, though I doubt I will ever be brave enough to name one of my children that...I know some of you are laughing. Different strokes for different folks, and for the record I must be "different!"

Like mother like daughter...she didn't know I had done the same shot. Not that we don't love to have pictures taken of us...my reason was coming of the flu and no makeup...not sure, but think she is just weird. Weird, but cute and thoughtful, as the green stripey hat she made to match the scarf she gave to her best friend Emily.
Knit on!

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Tracie Loux said...

Ok, those earrings totally ROCK!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how neat....love the hats and those earrings are really COOL!!

(Kimmie...you said CT? Thats where I am from!)

javamamma said...

Thanks for indulging us! Those hats are way rad. And the earring too! Sweet.

Bobbie-Jo said...

You two are goofy!

I think you should go for Blue Sky. It's too cool to leave alone.

How did you name everybody else? It's interesting to hear other's thoughts on naming. Sometimes it's a meaningful event, and sometimes it's whatever seems to fit. I have a feeling I know how YOU named your kiddos...

Kimmie said...

Hi Bobbie-Jo!

God named all my kids...and gave us the meaning behind each...4 of the 5 adopted were 'renamed.' (one was a baby and the three others were 3,3 1/2 and 5 when their names were officially changed. We recently found out that the one who didn't have his name changed ...well, that it was the middle name of the baby we didn't get to adopt. I had totally blocked it out, as it was so painful (we had never applied the name that was on our heart, as he was taken and placed with another adoptive family due to birth siblings we were never told of)...anyhow, it was a name God had given us long ago and our 5 year old came with that name. When we had prayed God had told us to keep his name and we were surprised...Christmas time I was cleaning a closet and found a picture of "Juan" with the name we had planned on giving him at adoption.

In naming them, God spoke his hand over them, his protection on them and his anointing as well. Very cool. I truly believe that there is power in names- God is so much wiser than I.

Blue Sky is probably a throw back from my dad who loved Native American names. He wanted to name me Running Water or Blue Sky. (no he wasn't Native American, though my mama is part Blackfoot). I think since he passed away (almost 17 years ago now) that name has burned a special place in my heart. I honestly wish I wasn't afraid of what people would say, as it really is something I cherish. PLUS...sounds like favor resting on them...can't be sad when each day is filled with the possibility of a brilliant God given Blue Sky!

anyhow, a little bit more of my life and heart.(and no, no one else has a "blue sky" type name here)


Greta Jo said...

What talent! Can your daughter please give me knitting lessons?

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
What a talented girl you have. The hats and the earrings are amazing!
Love, Velvia

Amrita said...

absolutely rocking

Christin said...

Sweet stuff!

But I have to say, that's you coming off the flu?!!! So not fair. You're still gorgeous.

blue thistle books said...

That child is one talented girl! It's in the genes for sure!

Wow, those are really gorgeous hats!

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