Jan 9, 2008

My favorite-ist thing!

What could it be...well quite honestly, it is hearing from God.

I always hesitate to share about, 'hearing from God,' as it has become such a hot topic among Christians. I am not much of a 'hot topic' type, and to me it isn't a topic, but a reality I have known since I was 3 years old (at least this is my first remembrance of God and his realm). I truly have a heart that all would hear his voice and know Him intimately. I think most of you would know my heart, though I haven't always shared what he has spoken.

I have a journal that I keep, it is where God's voice rests and waits for me to further ponder it. I do keep it in my heart, but honestly sometimes it has the tendency to wander out and from my remembrance, so I write and date each occurrence.

A word from the Lord back in May to me, has left me in much thought. I have prayed on it, studied it, waited, pondered, but up until this week, nothing clicked.

This is what He said~
"Though the wheels will seem like they are not turning, they will just require more work."

(and yes, He said this to me when I was shopping...but the Holy Spirit told me to carry a small notebook in my purse to "hold" what he says-until I can transfer it into my larger journal.)
Immediately, I knew it pertained to the adoption we had just reinstate (Guatemala, began in Aug. 2005- put on hold in 2006 to adopt a sibling group of three out of foster care...back on the horse May 2007. Can you say LOADS of extra work?) -needless to say, it didn't sound like a good time was coming. But back then Guatemala was 'open' and only rumblings, were about it being shut down.

I had NO idea what it could of meant, but last week a new friend (Kim, who is adopting a 2 year old from China) sent me a note and her testimony pertaining to their adoption. Something God said to her, made me bring it to Him again. Then my girlfriend Hallie, said something at the gym...it sent me to the Psalms on my ride home (yes, I pulled the car over -and grabbed my beloved King James 'car-bible' out)...

AND the word he had spoken in May clicked.

It is not about me working...though truly this adoption has required MUCH work from us. I had questioned what kind of work would be required, (so I could do it), no word came, I was baffled...until I found in Psalm 119:126 this week...

[It is] time for [thee], LORD, to work: [for] they have made void thy law.

What a relief...not my work, but His. Not my job, but His, though he has brought me in and asked me to pray, to call Him to this work (it is what his word says!).

I hesitated, as who am I, to call my God to work, but you see He is righteous and true to His word. He wants us to use His word, so that when we pray, we can call to the unseen as if it was. So He has given me understanding and Power, by His Hand . Now praise God, the Father (my Father) is at work in Guatemala and the nations for the orphans needs. How do I know, well, it is his desire-it is His heart, it never changed and I am going to keep believing and calling Him to work for my children who are yet far off.

How awesome is my God...again, what is He saying to you? Did you get your notebook...don't delay....GO!


javamamma said...

I love your heart! God so wants that fresh, alive, intimate relationship with each one of us. Hearing God speak is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane when life isn't 'a bowl full of cherries'.

Penless Thoughts said...

I love when I hear people tell how God speaks and works in their lives. He does all the time. Just so many people don't recognize it as God speaking!!! Great post.

Greta Jo said...

I do not always hear the Lord speaking to me. I really struggle in that area.
Your faith in christ is amazing.

Emily said...

I totally struggle in this area, as does your above commenter...I would much rather read His Word, than pray....you see...I just don't trust myself, His word? I trust.

But you're totally inspiring us bloggers to go deeper still.

Bobbie-Jo said...

On April 12, 2007,(I did write it down in my prayer journal!) God told me His priorities for our homeschool. (In no order): Pray, play, read, work. I have held on to them at times, and forgotten them at times. Thanks for reminding me that God does speak to me.

As I was praying after this post, He told me that He speaks to me in different ways and about different things than He does to Kimmie (or anyone else). So I need to STOP comparing and waiting to hear what Kimmie (or anyone else) hears!

I prayed, too, that He would open my eyes to the spiritual reality around me. I get so distracted by what I can see. sigh. :)

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
Once again, you've written a beautiful post. I truly believe that God speaks to each of us, our hearts just have to be open to receive it. I keep a prayer journal, but I don't keep a notebook with me always, I'm going to take your suggestion and get one!
Love, Velvia

Chris Worthy said...

What a lovely post! Thank you for giving me food for thought!


ConservaChick said...

I must agree with you. I woke up yesterday to his voice, and i still can't shake the delight i felt (nor do I want to). He's awesome! ~Karlie

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Hello Kimmie! I'm sorry I haven't been participating much in the blog world lately, but I wanted to respond to your question about my Chinese study. It's going well, but I still struggle with motivation. Thanks for praying! I love this post of yours ... hearing from God is such an important thing! All too often there's a specific answer that I WANT to hear, to I struggle with separating my own feelings from what God is actually saying. it would be easier if a loud voice just came down from heaven, but I sense that there's something in learning the skill of listening that's good for us to struggle with a little.

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